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T.J. posts on 11/22/2005 12:58:55 AM I absolutly love the mediator books! By acciedent i got the 2nd book first and refused to read it until i got the first 1! I loved the gohst charecters and the ending to the 6th book waas so romantic! I cried a little in the 4-6th books! i really hope there is a 7th book because she leaves us hanging after the dance!!!!!!!!!! I read the series in about 2 months! the 3-6th books went by so quikly and i was so sad that there werent ny more!:(The books are the best!
Sarah posts on 11/16/2005 12:53:16 PM It is really annoying living in Britain. I am still waiting for the 5th book of the mediator series to come out and the 5th missing book. I love these books & am fed up of waiting. Life's not FAIR. signed still waiting
Girl from Estonia posts on 11/5/2005 7:50:02 AM Yes.I like Jenny Carroll better,cuz it's realy beautyfull name.

liz posts on 11/3/2005 9:24:12 PM She is writing a fifth to 1-800-where- are-you. It's called "missing you". And no, she won't write 7th book for mediator, although i wish she would!! Did you guys know her name is meg cabot? just wondering!!
Cat posts on 11/1/2005 11:30:51 AM Does ne one think that jenny carroll will write a six book in the medatater (can't spell it) or even write a 5th book in the missing?
Girl from Estonia posts on 10/30/2005 1:14:56 PM Thank you for info julia . Does somebody have Jesse or Suzzy pictures? I realy would like to have some.
julia posts on 10/29/2005 9:11:55 AM Well Haunted is part of a series called the Mediator. Haunted is Number 5.. THe first one is SHadowland, second is The Ninth Key 3rd is Reunion, fourth is Darkest Hour, and 5th is Haunted (obviously) and sixth is Twilight. BUt odnt worry if you read HAunted first becuase thats what i did and then i read the WHOLE series over. sooo good luck, Estonia -JUlia
Girl from Estonia posts on 10/29/2005 7:03:31 AM Howe meny books does that haunted have? I realy wanna know
Chelsea posts on 9/29/2005 8:33:03 PM is the fifth book haunted? if so i've readit like....a million times
Lauren posts on 9/29/2005 1:50:46 PM I love the last line of the 4th book, "and that's when he kissed me" It is so romantic I haven't read the 5th book yet and I'm dieng to know what happens. If you know please tell me. wb Love Lauren xxx
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