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Julie posts on 8/10/2010 6:21:23 PM I totally agree, Jennifer, and where is your proofreader tonight?!! Benefited only has one 't' Proofreader shouldn't be hyphenated Trippy at Trickie should read 'as' There should be a space after the ) I don't mean to be pedantic but considering the subject of your post, I couldn't resist it! (Tongue in cheek!) Best regards.
Jennifer Page posts on 8/10/2010 6:38:30 AM A great read. Although very disturbing this sort of abuse does go on and turning a blind eye does not do any good. I would however, mention that Jenny Tomlin would have benefitted from a decent proof-reader!! An author is very lucky to get published what with so many other hopefuls and to see such poor grammatical errors (such as referring to Trippy at Trickie at one point and adding extra words into sentences)is a real shame because the story itself is very well written and the book is hard to put down, which in my eyes is a success. Jenny Tomlin - sack your proofreaders now!!
Laura posts on 12/18/2009 3:36:52 PM I finished reading send me no flowers over a week ago and I am still thinking about it. Its left me feeling very depressed, I had to rush out to buy the happiest book I could find. Whilst I understand the importance of the graphic detail, I think that the book should come with a warning.

Debra Barratt posts on 11/30/2009 5:27:29 AM I've read your book a few times and it reminds me of my own childhood. My father was also a bully who beat his wife and kids and also sexually abused us all. It's affected us all none of us have had stable relationships, I got married at 20 to get away from him. I admire you for writing a book about your childhood i wish i could do the same.
helena posts on 10/19/2009 8:53:11 AM i've just finished reading 'send me no flowers' and this is the first jenny tomlin book i have read.i was stuck to the book,i really enjoyed the book although i felt highly emotional and touched by the characters,it was quite grafic but the story would have not been the same otherwise.Jenny Tomlin is an amazing author and i will continue to read her books
annmarie posts on 9/28/2009 5:59:20 PM i have just read sweetie it has put the fear of god in me .... i now cannot sleep for the fear that a normal person like this could be near me and my children i am alone in thinking this ?????? it felt so wrong to read but yet i felt compeled to finish the book ,,
julie jones posts on 9/22/2009 6:03:29 PM i have just read bring me no flowers and this is the first book i have read by jenny tomlin. and this has got to be the most disturbing book i have ever read and i can say i didnot enjoy it was sicking i understand what she was trying to portray abd the message she was sending out and in my eyes and a lady who has been through domestic voilence it didnt send out that you can get away in the end and that it was only that he died she could be free. a reall nasty book unless you like reading about rape and buggery then go for it
Julie posts on 9/7/2009 12:08:00 PM This book is definitely not for the faint hearted! It is very graphic and extremely disturbing. I am fortunate that I had a happy, innocent childhood and lead a very ordinary and carefree adulthood, which makes reading this book all the more upsetting. It really brings home to you how some people suffer and lead a miserable existence. I know this book is fiction, but it is based on real life and Jenny Tomlin's experience of abuse, both physical and mental. My heart goes out to her and anyone else who have suffered in this way and I thank my lucky stars that I have never suffered at the hands of evil monsters like those in the book. This book has really affected me and I wish my friend hadn't lent it to me. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, it is too sickening. I couldn't possible read Jenny Tomlin's autobiography, child abuse is not something I want to read about, everyone knows it goes on, sadly, but I couldn't cope with the graphic details of it and would question why any sane person would want to, it must be like watching child porn on a computer - depraved and disgusting. My heart goes out to all those poor souls who have suffered from sexual and/or physical abuse. Send Me No Flowers has left me feeling really depressed :{
GAIL posts on 8/10/2009 2:09:33 PM i have just read send me no flowers, this is one of the most shocking books i have ever read , i have had to put it down several times as not wanting to finish it was that good, i have had to seek her out to find more of the books this one camt ot me by my cousin who is visiting from uk, i really hope that i can get this is in canada, if you enjoyed this book try to get intensity by dean kootz, and the girl nexted door , right to life by jack ketchum, i have read both of these and thought i had , had a punch in the face, but now, send me no flowers is my top book, it is very disturbing and will shock you,
susan gibbon posts on 2/20/2009 11:17:36 AM Have read all her books fantastic read!! Just started her new Fiction Send me no Flowers tell you what buy it just bought today will have it finished by Sunday! Keep these stories comming!!
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