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Hayley Barber posts on 4/29/2008 9:32:05 AM What a fantastic book Behind closed doors was. I myself gained inspiration, and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the topic. It is a terrible ordeal to go through, and resent another stereotype, that people who have been abused will become abusers themselves. It is horrible to go through, and a cruel stereotype
Amy Matthews posts on 10/29/2007 5:37:35 PM I have read all 3 of jenny tomlins books, and just like the first one i picked up to read i could not put them down. These books really touched me, they were times when i cryed and times when i smiled through reading them. I would recommend all 3 of these books to read they are gripping,sad, but also happy to see how she her sister and other suvivours made it through. she has also sent a message of support and courage to victims all over that as i have learnt its better to talk about it than keep it to yourself.
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