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Thomas Slagle (pen name: Tom Sage) posts on 7/30/2008 4:31:28 PM Dear Jeri, I've enjoyed your work with Star Trek. I have just completed my first novel, which happens to be a Star Trek-Voyager story line. I am currently looking for an agent to represent me to the Pocket Books division. Would you be able to recommend a literary agent to me? Also,it would be wonderful if you could review the manuscript and give pointers, but I'm sure that would be asking a lot from you. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. To the future, Thomas Slagle
Patricia Getty posts on 8/24/2005 5:53:04 PM I was wathing this episode with great interest. I am a transexual woman and some of the feelings in this episode mirrired many of the feelings I haave experianced. This seemed like a very good chalange of the sexual moore of our society. She expreseswed some feelings so acurately that she must have gotten input from either gay or transgendered people. any ideas??
Dave posts on 3/20/2005 3:05:00 PM Can't find out anything about Jeri Taylor's early life. She graduated from Indiana University and married Dick Enberg while a student there. BUT WHERE did she come from? WHERE was she born? High School...parents??? Anything!!!!

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