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Anonymous posts on 1/23/2009 2:17:04 PM i luv star girl when i finish it i read it again i'ne gon through 3 copys
metro_station_lover posts on 11/3/2008 7:30:11 PM I didn't like stargirl at all... It would be good for younger kids, but not if you are in high school. sorry to say this but kind of a bad book.
Anonymous posts on 10/28/2008 10:57:01 PM Hi, I'm Terra. :) Also an eccentric 10th grade homeschooler. Stargirl speaks to me, it makes me a bit like a reminder to stay true to myself and try best to do good deeds; big or small. :3 I'm doing so many essays on SG. It's a little tiring, but hopefully, I won't get tired of it. :)

Carla Huffman posts on 10/23/2008 8:26:03 PM I was looking for a book review on Milkweed.
kaylee walker posts on 7/24/2008 9:41:32 PM this book is so gay i hate it hahahaha
Courtney posts on 6/25/2008 11:32:22 PM i am really excited to read stargirl i can't wait...i hope it is good
niki posts on 6/5/2008 7:50:34 PM love stargirl it's very inspirational and interesting!
leslie posts on 5/22/2008 10:30:54 AM love the book"loser"im reading it right now
Chantel posts on 5/1/2008 9:08:55 PM I love Stargirl! It is very inspirational, and is now my absolute favorite book!
sarah Susor posts on 4/14/2008 10:16:14 AM i think stargirl was a really good book i got love stargirl just a couple of days ago and im hoping it's just as good
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