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Amanda posts on 6/1/2005 8:08:41 PM I greatly admired this compelling and beautiful book, for its hard honesty. The natural world, is stunningly depicted, as are human reactions and interreactions to and with it. Harrison is a genuine heir to Hemingway, in the best senses. I was, however, utterly thrown by the ending. I swore that I was reading a faulty copy, that it *couldn't* have ended the way it did. I actually went to the library and checked another copy, to be sure. The ending seems completely arbitrary, fragmented, and out of character for the book; for one thing, there is nothing else like that, stylistically, in the book. I would love to know what Harrison has said about this. Any comments, explanations, or other helpful info? Thanks!
Marie Taylor posts on 3/2/2005 9:59:34 PM I have the perfect true story that only Jim Harrison can write. It has flight from the country with a dog, whores with golden hearts in Belieze, the dog saves a life but the man goes to jail for possession of bullets after a drug deal gone bad. The the man is cured of cancer by a Cuban doctor. He is still a unrepentant sinner

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