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2kule4u posts on 1/3/2008 5:23:40 PM J.K blows, you guys blow, this whole board blows because you're all obbsessed with Harry Potter. Get a life so u can die!
Marcus a.k.a. Snow Man posts on 12/29/2007 12:22:36 AM Talking about boards dieing where is everyone!
Dusksage (Loner-City Tom) posts on 12/13/2007 12:27:40 PM ((Look all the boards going dead wether we like it or not! We need to advertise people! Type in animal proboards, horse proboards, warrior cats proboards, anything u can think of with the word proboard at the end!!!Type it in google then click on a link like everywhere on the website for an advertising board and post a message advertising this site! Come on people don't give up there is still hope for Allscifi!))

adnamarine posts on 12/10/2007 7:38:29 PM sry guys, but J.K. doesn't come here. It's just us lonely supporters. And I might point out to anybody who happens to check here, it's exactly as I predicted. THIS BOARD IS DEAD! Mwahahahaha... ahem. anyway, ta
Jacqueline Monceaux posts on 12/10/2007 12:10:44 PM JO!!it is extremely important that i speak to you!Please tell me you read these!i live in lake charles louisiana and i need to speak to you. i have looked everywhere trying to find a site of which you where associated with.i am 15 years old and am wondering if you could email me or something.please i can not srtess enogh how important this is!!!PLEASE JO!
Jamie Duffy posts on 12/1/2007 6:36:47 AM Dear J.K Rowling i am a keen writer. i am sixteen years of age and already i have come up with notes of about thirty books. I have tried to meet you several times. and i would love to hear your views on my books?
nate posts on 11/19/2007 11:49:04 AM I need to Know what she books she is currently writing Know
the gothictoad! posts on 11/17/2007 11:59:52 AM Yah I want to go to see Stephenie Meyer to but Toronto is too far away. Hmm Jk Rowling was in Toronto too?
Anonymous posts on 11/3/2007 8:59:15 AM (it's saturday!!! strangey) wow did you like my post?
Tearpaw(Dc prisoner she) posts on 11/3/2007 8:55:39 AM nice my thing was so much awesomer though lol jk. I will do that on Sunday.
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