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Julie posts on 8/13/2007 7:25:04 AM Phew! i'm nearly done the sixth book now. I can't wait, my mother won't stop bragging about how wonderful the ending of the seventh book is. Doodet, your right. The books are 1000 times better, although the fifth movie wasn't that bad (personally). The acters and actresses played their roles well, and they made it very dramatic when it came to serious themes. i really liked the quote that harry used against Voldemort, 'Your the weak one... you don't know friendship...or love...and i feel sorry for you.' OWNED!
Smileysays posts on 8/12/2007 7:08:33 PM Hello there Adna and Dudette! I want to give you the compliment that I only read your guys's posts from 80 or whatever... the rest were stupid. I finished the book on the 27th of july, so not that late... I just was in Europe for 16 days, so that's why I haven't been on! Sorry! It's kinda sad that I missed all the good Harry Potter news... I didn't hear all that stuff on Wikipedia, Doodette, I just read a secondhand interview of what JK Rowling said so that's cool. But I thought she also said that she previously opposed of the Luna/Neville idea but then later she decided that it's a possibility? I didn't hear the Newt Scamander thing, but you're probably right. I don't know if SSS will come on, he never does these days... I'll tell him to maybe. Am I heartless? I have never cried in any of the deaths in Harry Potter. I cried a little twice - when Neville took the bubble gum wrapper from his mom and when I realized what Dumbledore was seeing in book six with the potion - "Don't kill them, kill me instead." That's so sad. Anyway, I didn't realize why Snape asked Harry to look at him! That makes a lot more sense - thanks!
Doodette posts on 8/12/2007 4:53:30 PM Please can you guys just tone down the immaturity? Anyways DO NOT EVER make the mistake of comparing the HP books to the movies. The books are like, I don't know, 100 times better. Beside I hated the fifth movie. The other four were okay. Get this, the fifth book is the longest in the series. But out of all the 5 movies, OOTP was the shortest. So it pretty much suked.

Sk8r Girl posts on 8/11/2007 11:04:01 PM 7th book was fantastic and a bit surprising. I tend to like the last books of a series, I guess cuz everything is reveled, y'know.
Evey posts on 8/11/2007 9:51:27 PM hi every body. I'm just finishing the third book of Harry potter.. i'm so far behind. i have already watched the movies but everyone keeps saying that the books are a bit better. I love J.K rowling!!! she writes so cool, the books are kinda like an unsolved mystery where Harry is the detective. Has anyone finished the 7th book yet? let me know how it is!
Sk8r Girl posts on 8/11/2007 9:41:12 PM Yeah, she's in love with Lupin.
Julie posts on 8/11/2007 9:31:29 PM You know, i'm not really sure why i'm reading the sixth book. After my mother read it, she basically told me everything that happens. I should just go ahead and go to the seventh, but then i don't want to get confused. Holy cow Malfoy's a jerk! (In the sixth) I'm surprised the hoodlum has a girlfriend. If he broke my nose i'd carry him off on my broomstick and drop him off the highest cliff! haha jk. Poor Tonks, she seems miserable. Hey, she's in love with lupin right?
2kule4u posts on 8/11/2007 9:15:25 PM Ok Ok I have to tell you sk8tegirl. The reason i have been doing all this is because i am crazy about you! I can't wait to get on the board and see what you post.
Julie posts on 8/11/2007 9:12:47 PM Sk8r you can't believe thats really the real me. I know how to spell your name that impersonator doesn't.
Sk8r Girl posts on 8/11/2007 7:41:03 PM Oh, okay, yeah I've been doing my best to ignore those... nevermind.
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