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Anne-c posts on 6/17/2005 12:31:40 PM Hello Mr Coetzee I am a french pupil, and for my "Baccalauréat", we are studying Waiting for the Barbarians. I wanted to know what was your aim when writing this book and what the girl in the dream of the magistrate symbolizes. Hoping you'll answer Thanks
Amy posts on 5/26/2005 7:14:38 PM I imagined myself one day becoming a writer, but if i'll get responses such as the ones on this site, i've changed my mind. I still want a chance to say what i think about Waiting for the Barbarians. The ambivalence of the characters truly marks the everythingness and nothingness of anyone marked as "different" in any society, the sense of displacement that subverts but at the same time propagates the one and the same thing/the same power. This cycle has been around forever, since William Blake -- as far as my intellect goes. But, it takes different shapes and forms --- why am i sounding anal, why am sounding like i know it all. Okay, change of direction. Mr. Coetzee, i liked your book, i appreciate it. Good luck always.
MS.SHALAKA PARKAR posts on 1/7/2005 3:50:58 AM Dear Sir, I am working on your novels Foe and Age of Iron which have appealed me to a great extent. However I am falling short of some really good and thought provoking feedback of critics on your novels which I think would give me a new insight into reading your novels. I have no information at all as a response to your books. I would be greatful and obliged if I get some. You have a wonderful way of writing.
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