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Laura posts on 3/23/2005 4:23:01 PM Raven quest was the most inspiring book , it was creative and interesting, there was always cliffhanger chapters and i just loved it, i would really enjoy it if you would please (if you know the author or have contact with her in anyway) ask her if she would please make another, i mean, there must be more to that amazing story. And one more thing, could you please email and let me know what she says, or if you haev any comments on what i have said, then please do email me and let me know, thank you very much, a rockin' reader of fantasy novels such as Raven Quest, and others like The Gaurdians of Ga'hoole By Kathryn Lasky, those books are awsome, but i do wish that there was more to the creative story of Tok in Raven Quest, Laura Templeton, 13, Canada.

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