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nyah posts on 11/29/2006 4:15:13 PM one of the best sci fi books ever! i'm compleatly in love with it.
elucive posts on 1/12/2005 1:35:12 PM didn't reed "psion", reeeally wanna reed "dreamfall"; but 'frid that's not gonna happen unles i spend another summer working in the US 8/ Oh well, jus' wanned to skreem out to the world that it's one of the best SF novels i've red yet an'- beleve me - i've red a lot:P (first book I've seriously liked was Ray Bradbury an' i was ...eeeem - 'bout seven) It's one of those that make u think about importaint stuff and feel important feelings. When the narrative goes to Cat remembering the awful, brutal scenes from childhood, his absolute loneliness... ther's thousands out there for whom that's the reality of life, but we start thinkin' of that only as we go through the life of one person, can see what it's done to him (and the novel is VERY psichologicaly realistic) The thig about the hipers is terrific - u can draw a straight line to modern mass media and how our brains are being controled as we "eat" everything we're given not caring that it's only halftruths (if even) and only what "they"(government, politicians, corporations - whoever pays) want us to know and think. Only "hot" storyes (better dirty ofcourse) that would garantee to push up the ratings and bring money. I'd have to write a full revew to bring up all sutch elemens, which are not the main plotline but the book's full of em. AAAND I fel TOTALLY in love with the main charactor - He's great, absolutley charming and adorable! I'm not sure that it's possible in real life to find a person who's been through such hell an' gets constantly kicked by life and remains such a truthfully GOOD person - honest, understanding, sympathetic, subtle, able to laugh, to feel, although he may not be willing to show it. LUV HIM!! =) OK, done screamin' 8) Sorry for spelling - English's not my native languge

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