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dee posts on 6/21/2008 6:29:36 AM I have just discoved this author and have read a couple of her books in the Bitter Creek Series - Blackthorns and Grayhawks - but I think I am reading them out of sequence - can anyone tell me what sequence I should read these in.
Marilyn Frazey posts on 3/28/2006 8:15:39 AM I want to read the last two books to the Lone Star Series,titled Commanche Woman and Texas Woman. Where can I purchase these books? Thanks, Marilyn
hazen posts on 8/4/2005 5:26:49 PM well i found on the web this review or teaser : first the title was changed from the next blackthorne bride to the next mrs blackthorne. joan johnston after kate's daring rescue from her captors in the rivals, last year, 19 year old kate greyhawk has hoped that her unmarried parents libbie greyhawk and clay blackthorne would finally get together. her hopes were dashed when clay, 48, suddenly becomes engaged to jocelyn montrose 23, his dead wife's sister. kate still plans on getting her parents together and with the help of her uncle north greyhawk, who anonymously buys up major shares on blackthorne bitter creek cattle company, after he has a second meeting with jocelyn montrose. they both feel their hormones flowing towards each other, even though jocelyn thought she was in love with her brother in law when he was married to her late sister. jocelyn tries to convince herself that she is trading herself to north in exchange for the shares in the battle creek cattle company being sold to clay. but in her heart she knows that she is not in love with clay. now with that bargain struck the fallout begins. each book in johnston's bitter creek series gets more complicated and spicy. this hatfields and mccoys series is worth reading especially with this latest sensuous book about 2 couples.

Marie posts on 7/6/2005 7:33:10 PM Does anyone know when this book will be out?

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