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clyde vongrad posts on 12/1/2011 5:46:21 PM dear jock carpenter! hi my name is clyde vongrad i read and enjoyed your book bootlegers bride,i am a distent realitive of florance from her mothers side of the family[her mothers maiden name was Bocelli, as in the singer aundrea Bocelli!] and i have a couple of documents of florence,one her marrige licence/registration,and that Emillio was her and charles lassanros best man, actully the licence says that his real name was carlos sanfedelli,i dont have contact with the imediate family of florrance, as im to distant, i tryed to find her grave in st-joakims cemetery, but was unsucessfull in doing so,i was wondering would you know,and if so if you could direct me!or tell me of a realative who could,...thank you and i remain sincerly yours,...[clyde vongrad]

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