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Cristina posts on 6/24/2005 1:18:56 AM I just finished this book today, yet I bought it yesterday. I was unable to put it down - the story was gripping, the characters were so realistic and I could not tear myself away. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone. The basis of the story alone will capture your attention, but the characters will capture your heart. Never has a book touched me so deeply as to make me cry, this one has.
Rita posts on 3/14/2005 3:19:34 PM Just finished the book. As a parent, i don't necessarily agree with the choices that Brian and Sara make, but necessity forces people to make decisions that they normally wouldn't. Because stem cell medicine is still relatively new, the ethical debates will rage for a long time without any clear winners. I appreciated the way different perspectives were addressed and handled - from Brian to Anna, and even Jesse. Kate's character is never spoken of from the 1st person, rather, we get to know her through Anna and Sara.
diane posts on 2/22/2005 9:08:39 PM hi.. i have chosen "my sister's keeper" as my reading class book report.. i have not finished reading it yet, though, i would like to know more about everyone's opinion about the book.. i am very interested about the plot, the whole story, the rebellious attitude, the unethical views of Anna's parents, clearly, i am against Anna's parents eventhough i have not read the whole book.. but please, post something, i would like to know you're opinion..
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