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Jack posts on 3/18/2009 4:23:26 PM John, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there's a huge flaw with Without Warning. On March 14, 2003, Bush was on an overseas trip. I believe he was in the Azores. He wouldn't've been caught under the Wave as you described it and would have been alive to assume command of the various American remnants. I understand why you chose the date you did, but you really painted yourself into a corner with it.
Alex posts on 2/17/2007 3:08:17 PM I heard this on another message board as well and i agree with the poster in that Final Impact felt really rushed. There were a few grammar issues I never noticed in the previous books, like confusing "to" and "too". And several people have mentioned Birmingham's allusion to Orbital Platforms near the end of the book? Can anybody shed any light on that?
Greg posts on 2/12/2007 9:47:08 PM I finished Final Impact a few days ago. I enjoy Mr. Birmingham's writing style, but that is about all I liked in this last of the trilogy. The jump ahead by a few years took me by surprise. I was really looking forward to a story about the retaking of the Hawaiian Islands. The brief story lines about slim Jim and Julia Duffy were disappointing. As was the short reference to Hoover's demise. I hope he plans other novels taking up the soviet vs. allies conflict. To much was left unanswered at the novels end.

Tommy Atkins posts on 2/6/2007 6:54:12 AM I shall start reading tonight as I received my copy through th epost today, stroll on the end of work.
Jack posts on 2/6/2007 2:02:42 AM So I started Final Impact today
Jim Brennan posts on 11/5/2006 2:17:17 AM Birimingham is tipping his hat to other alternative history authors in many references, I suspect. And he throws in some fanciful curves about his alternative 2021 future. Catch the Admiral's reference about his terrifying Congressional Committee inquisition by Senators Springer and O'Brien? Don't see those two living long enough to be elected Senators in that year... both WERE elected politicans, in the real past, you know. The reborn Nazi S. Africans are the Drakka posited by S.M. Sterling's famous alternative history series. Note the foreward dedication to Sterling and Flint, both noted alternate-world creators. Also spotted what appears to be at least one phony book reference: Prof. Wm. Forstchen's American Tryant. Dr. Forstchen, a military prof, wrote the Lost Regiment series modeled around Joshua Chamberlain's Civil War regiment pulled through a time/space warp to an alternate universe. He was also a decidedly eclectic co-author with partners of widely diverse political leanings. But Forstchen never wrote about JEdgar, to my knowledge, nor has there ever been any confirmation of the single-sourced allegation repeated by everyone since accusing Hoover of crossdressing which I seem to recall was confessed to be the most widely succesful KGB maskirova in history, after the Katyn Forest massacre they pinned on the Nazis. Believe some post-Soviet-collapse KGB folks admitted they created the Hoover-smear rumor to hurt the FBI. Birmingham's book itself had a wonderful cautionary warning, that the rumor you want to believe most is the one about which you should be most cynical.
posts on 9/3/2006 11:47:38 PM Wow. This place is really feast or famine, isn't it?
posts on 5/29/2006 12:45:19 AM Battletweety, the US as the world's leading nation isn't a particularly scary thought considering the competition in the 1940s. Who would you rather have in the number one spot, Hitler or Stalin?

Greg, JB published Book 1 in 2004 and presumably researched it in 2003. Had the military announced its plans to phase out the F-22 by then? I don't know, I don't really keep abreast of such things. But that would be my guess as to the oversight.

Boob, it's September now? That's good, I'd heard December. The wait between 1 and 2 was so long I thought the series had been cancelled at one point, I'm glad it will be so much shorter now. I just hope David Chase follows Birmo's and Del Rey's lead when The Sopranos takes its next hiatus.

posts on 5/13/2006 7:55:51 PM I've greatly enjoyed the Axis of Time series so far and if he licenses the universe for other author's the series could no doubt keep going on well after his third book. With the industrial might of the US and having the bulk of the technical staff from the future, is there any other way this can end than having the US be the single global superpower..? isn't that a scary thought, a 2006 US in 1944.. shudder.. The only saving grace is the president Bush's won't be around for another 40 years :)
posts on 5/6/2006 12:08:11 PM I am wondering why Mr. Birmingham choose to equip the clinton with F-22's instead of the F-35? The F-35 which I believe begins production in 2008, and having a vtol version for the marines, will probably be the fighter in service in 2021. Curiously, the second book has a top down picture of the single engine F-35, not the twin engine F-22? Anyone shed some light on this?
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