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Angela Bond posts on 11/8/2006 7:07:34 AM Its ok i just wanted the original version of the white mountains which was in 1983 but it was for adults. I distinctly remember it. never mind. It was much more scarier than what it is now. As it went into much more detail. No worries. just wondered.
Sam Youd posts on 11/8/2006 7:03:50 AM Angela and Victoria -- there has only ever been one version of the Tripods trilogy, though it was revised (for style only) when it came out in Puffin in 1983 and this edited version was adopted in the US as from 2003. Recently Aladdin told me they were planning a different-format version for younger readers, but assured me there would be no change in text. Victoria -- my favourites are the Sword trilogy, also something of a crossover between different-age markets. Glad you liked Possessors, written very quickly when a previous project collapsed. Sam
Victoria posts on 11/7/2006 8:31:04 AM Angela Ebay usually has copies going. I had no idea it had been abridged for children nowadays. Another sign of the decline in standards of our society! The original version was fantastic as it was and I had no trouble with it aged 13. Surely one of the objectives of YA authors is to educate their readers??? I have just read The Possessors (thanks Alan)! One of the most gripping reads I have ever experienced - it made a highly improbably premise believable and quite terrifying! Any fans of Sam really shouldn't miss out on the experience. I would be interested to know whether Sam has a favourite book (of his own)?

Angela Bond posts on 11/6/2006 1:51:58 PM I have been trying to get hold of the 'white mountains' in adult format. I had obtained the book 20 years ago (shows my age lol) but now the book has been transcripted for children. The adult version was tons better and much more scarier. Does anyone know of anywhere i can get hold of it or if it even exists anymore. I am annoyed at myself for losing it.
Sam Youd posts on 10/26/2006 7:12:11 AM Victoria & Alan -- blessings on both your heads. Robert -- if you do re-read hope you will find it less pointless, if necessarily depressing (because of Luke's character). As to FW, I did refer glancingly to my own agent David Higham but the publishing characters were meant to be original. The sequel, Felix Running, found no US publisher, but two were enough anyway, I reckon. Sam
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