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martindoddles posts on 2/24/2011 7:27:02 PM Just returned from another Rye weekend, and wondered how Sam is?
Alan posts on 4/29/2010 5:16:12 AM Crown and Anchor now on Abebooks
Michael Leader posts on 3/3/2009 5:15:36 PM Yes, though it's a shame they're only in 5 x 13 min segments. 65min for the whole book? The slow pace of Episode 1 indicates they'll be dropping a lot of the later story, which is a shame, as the book builds wonderfully, but starts off slowly to explain the disaster, set up character. A necessary beginning point, but its the latter half which is so memorable, so hopefully they won't edit too much out. The narration style is also a bit stilted. But hey, any Sam stuff is great! And The Lotus Caves movie - wow! Though I'm surprised this book got picked up and not a more well-known JC tome. Alan, if you tried to email me, I haven't got it. michaelleader AT Would dearly love a borrow of C&A and happy to pay a borrowers fee!

Alan posts on 3/2/2009 5:58:38 AM Blimey!!! Radio 4 is at this very moment broadcasting a brand new dramatisation of Death of Grass. About time. Nicely tied in with the republication of the novel!
Michael leader posts on 2/24/2009 12:09:54 AM You beat me to it, re those reprints. But a Lotus Caves movie? Talk about obscure source material, though I'd be very happy if true. Any more info? It's locked off at IMDb... With a Tripods movie it could be a great time to be a JC fan! Alan, again, would love an email and a very careful borrow of Crown - the only Youd novel I've not read. Who's doing the intro to Death of Grass? Sam?
Alan posts on 2/19/2009 3:12:12 AM I'm also a fan of Robert Sheckley especially his short story collections. Michael, sorry for the delay. I'll drop you a line over Crown and Anchor. And for all those who have been unable to get a copy of Death of Grass at a reasonable price it is being rereleased on April 2nd by Penguin with a fresh introduction. Considering the paucity of decent movies recently I would hope that this might lead to a proper film adaption. Also I see that Lotus Caves is or has been filmed as well. A long overdue treatment.
Robert posts on 2/8/2009 9:26:33 PM Wow, that does make a nice Christmas, Alan! Hope I can get my hands on copies of those myself one day... Meanwhile, I'm digging through my magazines with Youd stories, and have read "Talent for the Future" and "Escape Route". The latter is a refreshingly different sort of post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Youd did optimistic takes in Wild Jack and A Dusk of Demons, of course, but this one is more of a determinism in the face of despair. And the characters really kept me guessing until the end; terrific tale. "Talent for the Future" too shows just how versatile Youd is with writing styles, sounding almost like Robert Sheckley. A good tale, though sadly the punchline is lost on me; I have no idea what "the gambler's lucky card trick" is. That issue of Fantastic Universe is chock-full of outstanding tales, though. I loved "The Laminated Woman" by Evelyn E. Smith, "Down with the Tyrants" by Harlan Ellison, and "The Pompous Asteroid" by Winston Marks.
Michael posts on 1/4/2009 8:27:06 PM Alan I would dearly love to borrow Crown and Anchor as I cannot find it anywhere (or buy it from you). Happy to pay all the costs etc. Please contact at michaelleader at
Alan posts on 12/25/2008 1:53:31 PM Merry Christmas everyone especially Sam. I got the wonderful surprise from my wife of a completed collection of Sam's novels in the shape of Palace of Strangers and Crown and Anchor. All in all, a good day. Just need to start getting all those short stories now and find the time to start reading The Winter Swan and so on!
Rodney posts on 11/2/2008 11:21:17 AM I had not read the Fireball trilogy before, and just finding out about it, loaned them out of my public library. I enjoyed them, but felt you really didn't flesh out the two main characters. They didn't seem to grow much throughout the books, instead allowing the events to shape them. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the books. I just seemed to miss the character growth that I think you captured much better in TSOTS or Tripods, and even in your non-trilogies such as The Guardians and The Lotus Caves, two books I consider to be must reads. I wish you the best Sam, and I think we all hope that you have another book waiting to come out for us, your loyal readers!
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