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Keira posts on 7/25/2008 11:01:52 PM Hi John, I just wanted to say that I read your book "Letters From The Inside", and I didn't really like the ending. My eyes were tearing up because it was sad and I really hope that there's another book so I can find out what happens to Mandy and Tracey. I feel as if the story is real and so I just want to know what happens and that it ends up okay.
Frances Judd and Soumy Senthurnathan posts on 5/14/2008 11:50:52 PM Dear John Marsden We are in year 8 and are a very big fans of your novels. Our class has recently been reading some of your books. including letters from the inside and tomorrow when the war began. Their were questions left unanswered. We know you must be a busy man but we would be delighted if you could come for a seminar at our school telopea park school Canberra. Please respond Frances Judd and Soumy Senthurnathan
Anonymus posts on 8/16/2007 5:34:33 PM I really enjoyed reading this book. Although there were some parts in it that left me puzzled. For one, in the last letter that Mandy sent to Tracey, Mandy wrote that her brother was acting weirder than normal and when she asked him about his friend Tim he replied that she'd be talking to Tim about him and how it was Tim's fault that he was going to fail Year 12. Another thing that startled me was when Mandy stopped replying to Tracey's letters, I thought that maybe at first she hadn't gotten them yet and that she would reply later on, then when I realized that Mandy never was going to reply and that Traceys letters ahd been returned to her with "Return To Sender" written on them, and not in Mandy's writing, I thought that maybe her brothers threats got so severe that he killed her. It would make sence to me because Mandy always talked about him having his grandfathers gun. I thought that it would have been nice for a family member of hers to send something to Tracey explaining wat happened to Mandy, then i thought that that would be hard for her parents or her sister or brother or someone to write in a letter that she was dead. And afterall, Tracey has been through so much, she doesn't need to know that the only person that she had in her life that she could truly talk to was gone. One thing I would like to know is how Tracey ended up in jail. I think that when she found out that her father had been the one who murdered her mother that she attempted to murder him, but failed witch is the reason that she was only sentenced to 5 years in jail. Or maybe she killed Raz. But there is one thing that i am surtened about in this book, and that is that it definately leaves you with a lot of questions but no answers.

Tash posts on 7/28/2007 2:18:37 AM I loved this book, my teacher put me onto this book. The writting style of it is different and it has no chapters so you can simply pick up or put down the book whenever and not have to worry about chapters! I told everyone who said anything about books to read it. Letters From the Inside, made me feel selfish when i can not go out, when there are girls just as young as myself in trouble with the law! it opened my eyes to more than my own and people close to me and their problems, they just dont seem as big! i reccomend this book to all.
Michelle posts on 6/18/2007 10:02:19 PM I really loved this book never wanted to put it down..but i didn't like how it ended it really got me thinking about what happened to mandy..but then i realised what could of happened to her..i think its sick that steve was so sick and psycho that he would kill his own sister..but i kind of thought it would get to a point like that..i wanted to know what tracey did to get put in jail but it didnt must of been pretty bad i thought she might of killed her dad..or anyone else she seemed pretty protective of keeping it a secret from mandy
jessie williams posts on 6/18/2007 9:51:41 PM Well i like the book, but i didnt understand certain parts of the ending.Like the part when Tracey was willing to send more and more letters even if mandy didnt reply.But i didnt understand why MAndy didnt reply.But then i stopped and thought, in the book mandy said that her brother had 2 guns, and that he was going a bit crazy and creepy. Then Tracey replied that she kept having these dreams, when all that she saw was blood. and Tracey said that the last christmas she had in jail was terrible because, a lady that was in jail killed her self with a jug cord.And then tracey kept on writing to Mandy. but she didnt know that she was(dead, hurt, moved)e.g) but for a year she kept on writing to her with out Mandy replying to her, all of the lketters that Tracey sent to Mandy got resent bacdk to her. All i wanted to say was that MAndys mother or father could of sent Tracey a letter saying what happened to her or informed which happened to Mandy
jordan posts on 6/6/2007 12:37:44 AM hey anybody who LUVS the tomorrow series and ellie chroniles and no any other GREAT reads similar or not please email me them at jordypordy_28 at hotmail ... thankx!
jordan posts on 6/5/2007 1:59:55 AM hey mi FAVOURITE series in the WORLD is jonh marsdens tomorrow series AND ellie chronicles ...its sad thrilling funny and everything else...after them i read all his other he gonna write any more?????????????
sarah posts on 3/16/2007 3:06:32 PM I was just wondering if there was a sequal to the book "letters from the inside" ??? I love that book but just wondered why it left you hanging?
sarah posts on 12/18/2005 1:01:13 AM steve killed mandy and her family because he was angry because he failed the hsc. traceys dream is what happens to mandy i think, the blood and bullets and knives is when steve kills mandy. tracey dreamed it as it happened.
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