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liz posts on 8/31/2005 2:21:48 PM Despite what some think, I enjoyed this book very much. Because it does have a sense of reality to it, back then things weren't always good. Women were raped, people killed, rivalry's met. And there was a bit of mystery to add extra zest. It made you think more about how life was back then and how different it is now. Everyone wasn't a happy go lucky camper in this book which is why I liked it so much because that reality was perfectly plausible. Definately a five star rating from me.
Ken L posts on 4/4/2005 8:56:06 PM I just finished reading Song of the Axe, and found it to be just another mad slasher novel. Dann could have written of the daily struggles of our ancestors, instead he chose to write a diatribe filled with killing and mayhem. Lets hope he gives up his historical gibberish and tries something a tad gentler. My guess is that he used the word "kill" more than 500 times in his book. A little over the top, don't you think.

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