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Eddie posts on 11/14/2006 12:51:51 AM i really need to have the chapter 9 summary and really soon.
kita posts on 11/12/2006 3:49:04 PM i NEED a summary on each chapter for chapters 1 to 6!! pleaseeee helpp mee
SU posts on 11/11/2006 10:40:59 PM I need chapter summaries for all of the chapters ASAP

Meghan posts on 11/9/2006 7:27:56 PM i really luvd the chrysalids. i read it 4 school and finished it in one day! i really need important points of things that happened in chaps. 15-17. im in a bit of a hurry and don't feel like going thru the chapters. can ne1 tell me where to find this info. or tell me sum key points and i'll ellaborate them. much appreciated. :)
Zion posts on 11/6/2006 12:03:13 PM I've never heard of the chrysalids having a movie.
karo posts on 11/4/2006 3:11:58 PM hey, does the chrysalids have a movie? it would be supper useful to me right noe.
RJ posts on 11/4/2006 11:53:11 AM i need a summary for the first 7 chapters for school on monday
xtina posts on 10/24/2006 7:35:07 PM i need chapter summarys for all 17 chapters of Chrysalids. Anyone has it?
Zion posts on 10/23/2006 8:19:25 PM Pete-She died, she drowned herself because they were going to take her baby away
pete posts on 10/23/2006 7:17:42 PM i need and incedent about aunt harriet and herself
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