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Miracle posts on 5/2/2008 11:04:52 AM Sorry to hear about your mother but dont let that whole you back.
Rolanda posts on 7/2/2007 1:10:34 PM Long time no see! How are you? I Know that God is blessing you. It's apparent. Hope to see you soon. My children and my nephew says hi. Take care and we love you. ~Love Rolanda
5'10" Baller posts on 10/23/2006 2:56:59 PM Hey Johnny B.! You probably don't know me, but you came to our school on October 23, 2006. I really enjoyed hearing you talk this morning. It was awesome! All the things that I learned about HIV/AIDS I have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing the information about HIV/AIDS to Pickens County High School. We appreciate you coming and we love you!!

Logan posts on 2/3/2006 2:22:09 PM The first time I heard you was two years ago at Bankhead Middle School. I am a student at Cordova High now, and I enjoyed your speech so much I went and bought your book These Eyes. I read about half of it then the back caught my attention. I have read every comments page in the back of your book. I want to let you know that I always stay safe and you're the main reason I have stayed safe. I always love to here you speak. When they told me you were coming this morning I was so happy since I didn't get to hear you last year. Your speech today was just as good as your first one that I heard. I am a football, basketball, and baseball player. I am a honor student and have just been chosen by the county to take the TORCH test on Biology. I have always wanted to write to you but this is the first time I remembered when I got online. I stay really busy. I also play the guitar at church and am very involved with our youth group. God bless, Logan Kendrick
Miracle posts on 1/11/2006 2:02:52 PM what up my friend? I got your message today at school I want your christmas present it will be what ever you get me o.k my friend. i love you from the bottom of my heart first.I am still enjoying your book. You is like a dad to me . love, your friend .M.W I love you dad. (smile)
Milbo posts on 12/15/2005 5:23:36 PM what's up uncle(lilmane) i'm trying to keep in touch to let you know that everything is okay, and that your mother's aniversary is coming up on the 16th, And that the family is pitching in so that it can go into the newspaper, Love you always your neice, and family.... back in Boston, but on the other hand keep up the good work.(smile)
Miracle posts on 12/14/2005 9:14:11 AM How are you? I hope fine. Can you send me one of your books. And one more thing you have some pretty eyes love Miracle Washigton
mircle washington posts on 12/13/2005 4:37:15 PM how are you I hope fine when are you coming back to uniontown
Pam Ford posts on 12/8/2005 2:01:07 PM Pamela Ford Fields, a determined ,struggling, black woman: August 25, 2005, For a down to earth, understanding brother From Pam a young,black nurse from a rural town in Alabama. Johnny B. I dealt with a few of the struggles that you've been through and some of them I've shared with you. Your book "These Eyes" along with you,are an inspiration to me. Keep up the awesome work and may GOD continue to bless you Pamela Ford Fields
Liz Rowell posts on 12/2/2005 11:21:36 PM Whatup Uncle Littleman How are you doing? Fine I hope. As for me I am fine. I got my own place, I start college in about 7 weeks. But I just wanted to say whatup to you. Haven't spoken to you since I left Tuskegee. But keep your head up and know that I love you. Despite, sometimes you get on my nerves. Tell Jasmine I said hi and I love her. But I hope to speak to you soon.
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