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Billy posts on 8/2/2005 8:50:49 AM I have read and enjoyed every book that JK has written, and while the Alex Delawere novels are hugely enjoyable, my personal favourite has always been The Butchers Theatre, featuring a somewhat eccentric Israeli policeman. Any chance of Daniel Sharavi making a comeback JK? I know he has featured in a small way on some of your other books, but that was not enough to satisfy us real Sharavi fans!
Dianne posts on 7/22/2005 9:45:22 AM Sure, everybody prefers Robin over Allison, it's been established and more than once. But could we move on, please, and talk about how great the plots are, how intricate and wonderfully written ALL of J.K.' books are? Thanks to him, I have improved my vocabulary tremendously, (I love his thinking his readers intelligent and up to "big" words), found out about medical terms I knew nothing or very little about, and been taken for the ride of my life with each new PSYCHOLOGICALY SUSPENSEFUL, WHODUNIT, HIGH IQ thriller he writes, each one better than the preceding one! I have read each one of his books (I own them all!) seven times and in order of publication, and have seen his progress as both a writer of psych. thrillers, comedy (his exchanges with Milo and others have me LOL on many occasions), and swooned when reading his love scenes with either Robin or Allison, and at developing more twisted and intricate plots with each new novel. I still dream and wonder as to where JK gets his inspiration for his love scenes and conclude it has to be from the man himself. I think I am in love with him a little (Jonathan as Alex), and my husband knows. He is reading JK as well, the first books he's been interested in reading in years! We both have nothing but praises for JK's non-patronizing novels. So please, some feedback here about the writer and his craft! You want romance, there's always Danielle Steel!
VIc posts on 7/22/2005 3:53:31 AM Dear Vic, Thanks much for the kind words. The books are written so they can be picked up in any order. If you want to read in order, they're listed in chronological order on the website and in each book. Best, JK

heykid99 posts on 7/21/2005 8:16:20 PM I thought I was the only one confused about Alex and Robin. It was like Kellerman threw us for a loop. I thought I had missed a book. Did Kellerman just break them up or did I miss a storyline in some book before A Cold Heart? I hate Allison. I hate Alex too, but Kellerman always pulls me back for more. I love Milo and Robin.
J.DeG. posts on 7/2/2005 12:25:32 PM Vic, here's the list of Alex Delaware novels in the order of publication: 1. When the Bough Breaks 2. Blood Test 3. Over the Edge 4. Silent Partner 5. Time Bomb 6. Private Eyes 7. Devil's Waltz 8. Bad Love 9. Self-Defense 10. The Web 11. The Clinic 12. Survival of the Fittest 13. Monster 14. Dr. Death 15. Flesh and Blood 16. The Murder Book 17. A Cold Heart 18. Therapy 19. Rage (new)
Edith Levitt posts on 7/2/2005 11:05:06 AM We enjoy listening to audio books when we travel & we do travel quite a bit. We recently heard "Dr. Death" & thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the end left a lot of loose ends. Did the judge actually kill Joann & did Eric help her? We assume the FBI agent killed Burke/Aldridge. Burke killed Mate -- but why?? Why did he also kill Alice & Hazleton? It would have been nice to hear an epilogue tying all the loose ends.
vic posts on 7/2/2005 9:39:19 AM I am aware of the list of books on the site, but I was hoping more along the lines of a specific order the series should be read to keep the relationship with robin etc more real. I trying to avoid reading one book in a certain understanding of their relationship and then all of a sudden they are not together anymore or not living in the same place - moved without notice in another book. I hope you understand what I mean.
soulfire posts on 7/2/2005 5:43:10 AM hi Vic...JK has his own website. Type in www dot jonathankellerman dot com You'll find the book list in order there :)
vic posts on 7/2/2005 3:45:29 AM Hi, I was hoping someone could inform me what is the best order to read Alex delaware series so that the storyline with robin etc. fall in place?
Claudine Malyon posts on 6/21/2005 1:42:19 PM I like Allison, I think her and Alex have a lot in common, but, he and Robin have so much history together, they are like a part of each other, both physically and mentally, thats what I think in any case. I'm busy reading 'A Cold Heart' and from the way that Robin acts, you can tell she misses Alex more than she's letting on, I also read Therapy and you could see it there aswell, and even though I like Allison, I think Alex belongs with Robin and visa versa. This is all just my opinion. By the way, I havent read many Delaware books, but you hardly ever see Rick, Milo's partner at all, or is it just me?? I've seen his name mentioned a few times, but never actually seen him at all. Is there a book where he features, even for a few moments?
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