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J.DeG posts on 6/10/2005 1:34:04 PM Well, Marilyn, if Alex and Robin are getting back together, then it seems that Ecclesiastes 9:11 would be appropos here: "the race is not given to the swift, not the battle to the strong." Trouble now is, what does she DO with him? Can he be fixed??? Inquiring minds want to know.
Marilyn posts on 6/10/2005 1:12:08 PM Sony, Thanks for the hint about Alex and What's her name. Would be happy to see him back with Robin, I can't see how he (JK) can work that out since it has been so long. I have been out of tune with JK since the breakup. Liked the life he had with Robin much better. MMc
Sony Lemoff posts on 6/10/2005 1:41:08 AM Hi Everyone, I just bought JK's latest Alex Delaware book "Rage" and on the dust jacket, it says he has his own website. Type in www dot jonathankellerman dot com. I e-mailed him about what I said on this message board in a previous post about my thoughts on Alex and Robin. Would you believe JK actually responded! I was so psyched! Anyway, in his e-mail, he wrote: "Re: Alex and Robin, stay tuned!" In his latest Delaware book "Rage", there is a conflict that arises between Alex and Allison. Sorry don't wish to give the story away but after reading this book, I am keeping my fingers crossed about Alex and Robin getting back together. To any Allison fan, I hope you're not offended. I just think Robin is a better fit for Alex - since she is the balm in his crazy world. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait another year before the next Delaware book comes out. Finally, we now have a way to communicate with this wonderful writer. Now, if only his wife Faye Kellerman can join cyberspace then I can e-mail her too. Hope you all visit JK's site and buy his latest book. Best to all of you. -Sony

Stephanie posts on 5/31/2005 5:23:22 AM Percocet is available in pill form only and cannot be given IV
Kara posts on 5/28/2005 11:07:13 AM Does anyone know about Margret Peterson Haddix
Claudine Malyon posts on 5/22/2005 2:08:53 PM I LOVE to read Mr Kellermans books about psychologist Alex Delaware. They are very interesting to read and I can never put it down once I start reading it. Im busy reading 'Therapy' right now and earlier today ordered online a copy of 'A Cold Heart' (I also have bad blood *my favourite so far* and Flesh and Blood). I've read messages here where people talk about the mistakes they have spotted in his books but for me personally, I dont think its really about that, I mean, your supposed to enjoy what you read, not look for the mistakes!, anyway, I love the stories and I think Milo is great as he is, swearing to much or no, actually it seems to me like he doesnt swear alot, but thats just me. If one day I could write half as great as Mr Kellerman, my dreams would be fufilled. He is Brilliant!.
Lorraine "Lori" Peretz (From) posts on 5/19/2005 3:26:16 PM In one of your books when you wrote that "She likes Boulder," were you referring to Lorraine (From) Peretz? In addition, when you wrote the book "Monster," were you writing about the scam in Florida? I'm interested because I was involved in the scam in Florida, where they took away my home. L.P.
itsagift posts on 5/14/2005 8:49:07 AM i am in the middle of therapy and just had to voice a thought. does milo have to curse constantly? i think that we have the idea of his personna, and i feel that it's a bit redundant to read over and over again his foul mouth.
Marla Comm posts on 5/9/2005 7:58:37 PM Concerning the book "Twisted" written by author Jonathan Kellerman, I noticed an error on p.64. On that page reference is made to an autopsy report describing a tubular object stated to be approximately 77 cm in diameter. That doesn't seem possible since 77 cm is about 30 inches (2.54 cm = 1 inch), far too wide for someone to pick up and carry. I wonder if the author meant 77 millimeters, which is equivalent to roughly 3 inches, instead. Just wanted to bring this too your attention. Marla Comm
Tonja posts on 5/6/2005 12:01:19 PM i just wanted to see if anyone could still answer my question about in the book therapy... he mentions the city of Baudette, MN. does any one know if Jonathan Kellerman has ever been there or did he just research it? I live there is why i am wondering...
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