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posts on 9/14/2006 11:40:32 AM OMG! There is a second trilogy! Please tell me your not joking, when does it come out!!
posts on 9/13/2006 11:41:31 PM New bart trilogy!Bart tilogy2 Sollomunn's empire!Can't wait!J.k
posts on 9/10/2006 3:58:42 PM Oh, well, it had as much effect as a barty speach though,lol.

posts on 9/7/2006 2:33:36 PM motivational? im as paranoid as ever! I thought you said you were writing a bartimaeus farewell!
posts on 9/6/2006 4:36:23 PM Just chill Elheret! They probably can track us down, but think on the brightside, they would have to be demented and a computer genius. Im as good as making motavational speaches as barty himself,lol!
posts on 9/5/2006 1:28:33 PM yes i know. can you please stop gving info? they can track us you know? look im paranoid, but im sorry to!
posts on 9/4/2006 3:03:37 PM Elheret, they have the barty trilogy in our home-school diaries! But the captions of "dare you open?, dare you enter?" are a bit lame.
posts on 9/4/2006 2:53:04 PM twont. nevermind about the theory, they might not approve. HIIEEE people! cant wait for the movie and the other place. mmmm. byyeee!
posts on 9/3/2006 3:27:12 PM Sorry I didnt explain your thoery Elheret, and I havnt read the other place, I just heard it will be coming out soon. Please dont tell Jax! It was Katie's idea,lol.
posts on 9/3/2006 11:18:54 AM UPSET!? honestly! I danced a jig when he died! good riddence! ANYWAYS. HIEEE! good to be back! I notice Ayla didnt decide to explain THE IDEA, well fine by me! oh goody, that means I can add ANYTHING ,YIPPEEEEE! well anyway, its like this, does anyone think... oh well, theres use wasting type time you will all ignore it anyway. what do I have to do to get noticed? throw a party? Somthing outrageous DEFINATLEY (sp). its like that all the time. although empress dosent ignore me, the chollys do though most of the time save jibberet. where is jibberet? i saw what you both did to jacks! tee hee! jacks will not be pleased.why do i have nothing useful to say? whats the other place about empress, have you read it? more djinn? the buried fire books wasnt a patch on bart, i have yet to read the leap and the last siege.sigh. oh yeah i found out LOADS about the arty fowl movie, i'll post it on the colfer board if i can though i might not be able to. the bart movie is going ahead i think, a while yet though. BYYYEEE!
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