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Neal Hoy posts on 12/8/2005 8:13:51 AM So nice to see a bit of discussion on this excellent writer. Since discovering her in 1974 I have been an avid fan. Her writing is a joy to read, her characters are so real you can almost reach out and touch them. (Aunt Bee in 'Brat Farrar' for example.) A bit of mystery surrounds her own personal life and any biographical information is surface and frustratingly elusive. Her two earlier books from the 20s, 'The Expensive Halo' (in which she writes at her wittiest and sharpest) and a sad book on a underaged boy who serves in the army in 1917 called 'Kif' are almost unobtainable these days, unless anyone can tell me otherwise. Reading her books is like visiting an old, dear friend.
Ben Smith posts on 9/19/2005 8:22:57 AM Was wondering if anyone could help me argue against the case b/w Henry VII and Richard III on who killed the princes. Where can i find detailed info in the book to defend King Henry VII that Richard indeed was the murderer? Confused on this part.
Wendy posts on 3/27/2005 9:10:44 AM Hi there, just wanted to add my voice to the small but loyal band of JT fans. Was forced to read Franchise Affair at school when I was 15 and it made no impression whatsoever. Read Miss Pym about 8 years later (I love school stories) and was blown away by it, started tracking down the others and finally have them all. My favourites are Brat Farrar, Franchise Affair, Singing Sands and the Daughter of Time. Her books are so evocative of their setting, and I love the way she treats the small details of life with kindness and respect. I tend to get confused by mystery stories, and in fact I don't really understand what has happened in some of the Tey's, esp Brat Farrar. But this hasn't spoilt my enjoyment of the books at all - I think the mystery device, while enjoyable, is really only a carriage for her wonderful writing. Gushing over!

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