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irand posts on 2/15/2006 4:29:44 PM My teacher got us listening to the book reader, and everyone in class was wide eyes. I loved it!!
eljack posts on 2/12/2006 12:37:09 AM i heard about it, and am looking forward to it. my friend and me are bookworms
emi posts on 2/9/2006 6:04:08 PM My teacher has us listening to the book on tape. It is soooo amazing that a kid wrote it.

pyte posts on 2/7/2006 1:26:53 AM My teacher has it on her desk, and we're going to be talking about it. What's it about?
tara posts on 2/6/2006 9:26:12 PM So cool, I heard all about this book from my teacher. It is amazing it was written by a kid like me. I can't wait to get it.
nyomi posts on 2/5/2006 3:36:08 PM I loved Eragon too! It was so cool a kid wrote it so now I'm like waiting and waiting for Wizards of SKyhall. The site is way awesome.
myzoe posts on 2/5/2006 12:23:16 AM I haven't been this excited about a book since Eragon. I loved Eragon because it was written by a teen and I can't wait to read this too.

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