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Irishlady posts on 10/30/2006 4:45:05 PM I think that it is one bad idea. If you tols it to anyone othoer than yourselfs they \might spit in your face adn then laugh at you and then, god , knows, will tell you that you are an insignificatn human intellectual.
The one posts on 10/30/2006 4:29:36 PM That is a great idea i would like to see the movie you will make, i've been a long time fan of animorphs and it would be great to see another movie especially one when a kid is directing it, i myself being a 14 year old, inform me on how it goes and when you will finish the movie. Oh yea nice Lord of the Rings name but i would have chosen Legolas
Peregrin Took posts on 10/30/2006 12:48:46 PM Hi everybody!I am a 14-year-old filmmaker from California. I started reading the anmorphs books years ago. I was reading the "chase" scene in the Capture where Cassie (who has morphed horse) and Jake (who is subconcious) run from the Yeerk fources after Jake was infested. I had been lokking for a book to make inot a movie for some time, and Animorphs was perfect! Then I saw the TV show, it was awful. That motivated me even more and I started writing my script. I will write, direct, star (as Jake), edit, score, and so on and so forth for the movie. Any comments?

jake posts on 10/24/2006 10:57:48 PM ummm im not sure about that well read the riftwar saga ull understand why i like them ok
The One posts on 10/20/2006 9:43:28 PM Nah animorphs series was the best JAKE but everworld had some good stuff the only thing that was bad was it was only 13 books and animorphs had 54 and then some
jake posts on 10/20/2006 7:19:58 PM the one ur crazy animorphs was ok but everworld is way better!
Breanna posts on 10/19/2006 9:40:56 PM Someone please talk! Charmed Ravenclaw, you are an awesome writer, and will you please tell me what you think of my OTHER story. I know you reviewed my first, but my second was dumb. If you like Remnants and you like my stories and decide to review on fanfiction, then please tell me, sould I keep writing?
jake posts on 10/19/2006 12:41:13 AM everworld is way better but animorphs is close second:)ahhh i dont know why but animorphs just isnt as good...
Breanna posts on 10/15/2006 3:35:16 PM I need a Remnant fan to talk to! Any1 know a great web I can go to to chat about Remnants!? I love them! The only thing I don't like about K.A Applgegate is that she killed off 2Face! I really liked that character and was her number 1 fan! I still am, though
posts on 10/15/2006 6:02:24 AM Hi, I have been an animorphs fan for years, but I haven't been able to find all of the books. I have managed to glean what happens, and that has spoiled it slightly for me, but I am still desperate to read them for myself. I've got books 1-18, 20-31, 34, 36, 37, 41, 42, 45, Megamorphs 1 and 2, and the Andalite Chronicles. Can anyone help me find the remaining books as cheaply as possible? Thanks a lot, Maddy.
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