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D. Robicheaux posts a message on 3/16/2005 7:14:29 PM A second investigation of O'Donovan's poorly written review reveal more pathetic mistakes. He does not seem to know how to spell "Afghanistan", "hinder", or "representation". Further, he implies that several characters are "representaqtion" of the tough times in the Middle East. This is an example of not only poor grammar, but geopolitical ignorance. Afghanistan is not a part of the Middle East. It is ignorant and irresponsible for "scholars" to lump Muslim countries together in such a fashion. And even if you're going to make such an argument, at least use correct grammar and spelling, "scholar".
D. Robicheaux posts a message on 3/16/2005 7:02:55 PM Mr. O'Donovan's review of the film Kandahar was very disappointing. I am dismayed that this site describes him as a "scholar". He missed just a few things: Nafas repatriated with her family to Canada, not the U.S.; the landscape is barren, not "baron"; and the culture is not Arab, it's Afghan--there are several different ethnic groups described in the film (Tajik, etc.), but not Arab. Muslim does not necessarily mean Arab. I would not have commented on baron/barren, but this site says that grammar is important in movie reviews. Please try harder next time, B.J.
Asif Haroon Memon posts a message on 3/7/2005 12:41:07 AM There was nothing about arabs in kandahar

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