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Lyra posts on 2/20/2005 2:42:33 PM I know, it is so sad! I thought I was going to cry when I finished. I think Corwin turned into Merlin but I wish they were reunited and they could all go back to Atlantis.
Maggie posts supporting argument on 1/22/2005 10:33:20 AM I agree. It kind of confused me at the end because I didn't know what happened to Nia! Was she "alive" again? I do think there should have been another book to explain all of this!
Wolphin posts a meandering thought on 1/17/2005 6:11:43 PM I think that the series should have had another book, since it never answered the questions: 1: What happened to the farworlders? 2: What happened to Atlantis, since the leaders were all killed (ex. Nia & Corwin), and they both weren't in the city. 3: Since Corwin Aged 50 between the last chapter and the Epologe, why didn't Nia? The fourth book should have dealt with restoring Atlantis, and somehow getting Nia, Corwin, and Gobath back to the same age.

Maggie posts on 1/16/2005 9:35:18 PM I love Corwin!!! I just think he is sooooo AWESOME and hot and kind and funny and SEXY!!! I liked the twist at the end, but the ending also made me cry. You could so tell there was something between Corwin and Nia as soon as they met!
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