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Lilly-san posts on 4/18/2007 4:36:17 PM I think you should publish it! It was HILARIOUS! I showed it to my friend and shortly after, she was sitting on her window sill and she started to laugh insanely and then she fell.
Sk8r Girl posts on 4/18/2007 3:51:33 PM I was just kidin about my story! lol
Hqawkpaw Hopeing to be Hawkfrost posts on 4/17/2007 4:16:09 PM Lilly when will I be a warrior?

Sk8r Girl posts on 4/14/2007 6:09:56 PM I made the greatest story ever! once Upon A Time, there a beautiful princess who lived in a tower that rose high above the clouds and she was trapped there. She l;oved to sing, and yet she was sooooo high up, she never sufficated. But one day a new wind blew. " Tra la la!" she sang but sunddenly she began coughing tremendously. she stubbled forward and began leaning out the window! (dramatic music) then, she toppled out the window and died! (woeful music plays)
Lilly-san posts on 4/9/2007 10:26:44 AM Oh well welcome! This is where you tell others about stories you've written or are currently writing!
Rainfur(cloudclan she-cat) posts on 4/8/2007 5:41:47 PM Hi i am new to this board but i just look on others as well, maybe ill fit somewhere besides erin hunter one..
Lilly-kun posts on 4/4/2007 4:37:57 PM Oh nothing really. I just had to restar on my 9 chapter story! Grrr....
i love fallout boy posts on 4/4/2007 3:48:09 PM H'i I'm new! So whats going on?
Lilly posts on 3/24/2007 10:56:25 PM Why is that? Does she normally come here?
J.V. posts on 3/24/2007 3:09:00 PM Wow I'm surprized Emperess Ayla isn't here
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