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Caylin posts on 11/25/2006 5:20:25 PM Wow! Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys was soo awesome. I really couldn't put it down, it was glued to my hands. It would be so wonderful if there was sequal. I need to find out what happens with Finn and Megan! Kate, you are such a great author, keep it up.
shwa-shwa posts on 11/22/2006 10:12:57 AM Megan Meade's Guide the the McGowan Boys has to be my favorite book i've ever read! I definetly think that there NEEDS to be a sequel... I am dying to know what happens next! i think that this book would make a GREAT movie! Once i started reading the book i couldnt stop! and i'm one of those people that doesnt even like to read! I hated reading... but htat book was definetly intreging. I'm gonna go onto the Private series next... well i'm waiting for that sequel to come.
Allam posts on 11/21/2006 4:43:37 PM wow, megan meades was awesome! i could not put it down, seirosly i was obsessed. i kept trying to counsel myself through not reading it so that it wouldnt end quicker! i was so upset when i got close to the end, haha! i kept saying i dont know what ill do when i finish this book! but i did. and i absolutely loved it! the cliffhanger definitely killed me as it did almost everyone else! you would definitely make big bucks off a movie on this book, it would score major in the box office. and a sequel would be GREAT !! i am absolutely dying to hear more about finn & megans relationship!! the book got me so excited i read it out loud in this over excited voice and squealed more than a few times while reading ! i love megans character and how real it was ! thank you sooooo much for this book!

amber posts on 11/21/2006 2:25:09 PM How many seqeuls to this series are you going to write? (please make it a high number!)
Amy posts on 11/20/2006 5:00:33 PM This book is amazing. I loved it so much. I read it twice in one day it was so good. It should deffinetly be a movie. I dont think it should have a sequel...i think it should have its own series! I really want to know what happens with Finn and Megan but most of all i want to know what that look from Evan was ;) <3
dorothy posts on 11/20/2006 10:15:55 AM omg i read "Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan boys" and i absoltely loved it! I couldnt put it down. I never really liked to read and i would always make excueses that i was to busy to read but after i started reading thsi book i couldnt stop! and i love it! Please make a sequel! I want to see what will happen with Megan and Finn, and well everyone! Anyways i really looved your book and am looking forward to reading more books by you!
Sandra posts on 11/18/2006 4:39:42 PM this book, private rocked! i really liked it! i am reading the next one!
jamie posts on 11/13/2006 9:57:35 PM I finished Private a few days ago and it was really good. Now I have to do a project about it. I have make a test about it. Can you readers help me with vocab words, because the words were not hard at all. I also need some really hard comprehension questions. I will check this in a few days.
Paige posts on 10/21/2006 12:03:05 AM BESt BOOK I EVER READ was Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys. for some reason i coulnt put it down. i loved it. there was just something about it. i read it in les the 2 hours. that is how muched i loved it. i didnt really read books before i read this. but i really hope she really makes a squal. i mean REALLY REALLY badly.
Katie posts on 10/15/2006 8:07:19 PM I love your books. I finished all of them in 2 days I can't put them down. I just finished Megan Meades guide to the mcgowan boys and LOVED IT. can you please make a seqel. I can't wait. What will happen with Finn and Megan. What about Evan, Doug, and Miller. Please write a sequl and keep writing.
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