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posts on 6/29/2006 12:57:43 AM Dear Katherine: my name its bonnie cherbowsky., my family came to mexico,long time ago from vielorusia.,as a result of my mathers death at age 14., i got married at 16 im very empowerd by your story., becouse i went through the same issues that you mention in your biography, i divorce my husband after 30 years of marriage. im a pr person and the president for Mexico and Latinamerica of a woman organisation., we do net working with people around the globe promoting tourism ,education, values, bussines etc, but mostly we recognise people like you that empower other peoples lives with your example. i have worked with leaders magazine in ny to promote investment in Mexico and i represent an editorial group in canada and another one in grece., i would love next year to have you in our anual forum in grece in the month of may to have you as our spetial awardy, recognising the value of your life and the efort you do day by day, to live behind a meaningfull live for you and for others. i would love to ask you for a personal meeting to brief and expand these information., and to start a project where Mexican woman could learn from your strenght and experience. please visit our page., to find me, please go to board members, and then to coalition partners. it will be very spetial for me to meet with you because you have been a raw model for me. god bless you Bonnie cherbowsky.

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