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Katherine Martin posts on 2/21/2005 12:13:14 PM Hi! I'm Katherine Marin (Katie) i'm still in school but enjoy writing! i think its so cool that we akk have the same name! got to go ~Katherine Martin
Katherine Martin posts on 2/18/2005 5:02:33 PM I googled myself and i found you! I am a writer also but i am not as good as you are! I thought that us having the same name is so COOL! Thanks for being a Katherine Martin! ~Katherine Martin
katherine posts on 2/2/2005 11:19:45 PM ok this might sound a little wierd but my name is katherine martin also i'm a writer as you are your self i haven;t accomplished as much as youl...though maybe one day i might..any way i was just curious if you would actually write i'm the type of person that gets amused at many things others would thing nothing of but i thought it was pretty cool we had the same name..but anyway you probally got way too much going on in your good talking to ya

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