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posts on 7/14/2006 8:35:56 AM When do you expect to have another book out. Your book was marvelous! Would love to hear about the next life or lives of Eli as well.
Desiree Hedges posts on 9/7/2005 2:17:07 PM Hi Kathleen, I am anxious to know if you have published any books since "Fifth Life of the Cat Woman". Please let me know, as this is my all time favorite book. Sincerely, Desiree
Desiree Hedges posts a gentle reminder on 3/22/2005 12:59:32 PM Hi Kathleen, I am anxiously awaiting your new novel. I have checked various sources and have not been able to find anything new from you. Please let me know if it is available yet. Thank you, Desiree Hedges P.S. Do you ever do promotion tours? If so let me know; there is a wonderful bookstore here in Spokane, Aunties, who have guest authors about 5 times a week.

Bobbie posts on 3/21/2005 11:40:27 PM Got a note tonight that there was a message on this board from you and saw it was to a Desiree. Great information that there are other books in the works! I sent it on to my friend Rita, who sent it to me in the first place, as she works for Lee's books in Lincoln, NE. I asked her to keep an eye on Books in Print for your new ones! It was a wonderful read! I understand about day jobs and such - women artists need "wives" to do the details of living! :>)Bobbie
Lisa Connelly posts on 3/21/2005 9:29:04 PM Do you think you'll have more books about the catwoman? I'd really love that.- Lisa

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