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Patricia Vandenberg- Smith posts on 8/22/2012 10:18:12 PM It says the book was published in 1979, when I was 17, but the memory I have is when I was younger than that, it was given to us as part of the school curriculum in English, and I remember the uproar from the parents saying it was to explicit for our age to be reading. Was it released earlier as a book for schools, then released in 1979 to general public?
Michelle posts on 12/9/2008 3:28:42 AM Kathy, I feel somewhat uncomfortable writing a request and or a suggestion, and don't believe receiving a response. I found you as an incredible writer who's "been there, done that" person and understand real life issues. I have experienced something almost indescribable which you could use as an idea for a new book as I am not a good writer. You may think - " Yea, like everybody else, she thinks to be the only one experiencing something incredible. Really? Hm..nothing new to me". If you could believe me you may find something truly different, unigue. Something that would give you goose bumps and keep you at the edge. Will you give it a chance Kathy? I do not not know how to contact you otherwise. Kind regards. "Michelle"
nigel pogmore posts on 4/4/2006 5:32:46 AM Hi kathy do you Remeber me nigel pogmore ( not many of us)I was with Ingrid Turnbull who worked for Kim Willihams in Sydney. About to do get down to set work on my own book. lots to tel as I have being flying hotair balloons in many location around the world since last we met, lived/worked all over the World inc UAE, Egypt, Canada USA, UK but the best was in Kathmandu Nepal 96 to 2000. after Nepal back to Oz to fly a massive 40miter high freddo the frog balloon around Australia. With my book contaning personal info I I would like to seek your views on the Ingrid/kim relationship etc to wish to go out and hurt anyone. I have now re-married to Nita who is from Nepal all is well please make contact best regards Nigel

liz mcdonald posts on 1/7/2006 4:42:39 AM Hi Kathy, I read Puberty Blues when it was first released. As a 13-14 year old teen there was so much that i related to, it was almost a handbook for many of us for our teen years. i was keen to view the movie when it came out and enjoyed it but strongly believe that the book gave so much more. I am now a parent of teens + younger children, we have a 15 yo girl, 14yo boy, 9 yo girl and 5 yo boy. I now plan to go back and read your book again, but this time from a very different perspective. But first i will need to get my hands on a copy as my original didnt survive my teen years as it got passed around to the kids who's parents had banned it on moral grounds, who would believe it today! i would love to hear what else youve written since. Cheers Liz McDonald
Naomi Procter posts on 3/23/2005 10:08:35 PM Hi Kathy, I'm a second year uni student at Flinders in SA and I'm currently researching novels adapted to film. I want to focus on how adaptation affects the writer. I would really appreciate any help you could give me, hopefully you can email me your responses. WhatI would like to know is were you happy with the film? Do you think it portrayed your original idea the way you wanted? Does it bother you that many people may have seen the film but not read the book? Do you think the film will encourage them to go back and read the book? Did you have any say in the way the film was made or the adaptaion of your novel? Thanks sincerely Naomi Procter

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