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Maria Perper posts on 1/1/2012 Maria Perper has just written a review of The Modigliani Scandal which you can see here
reader posts on 3/24/2011 1:55:33 PM More than 500 pages could have been reduced to 200 without losing anything. Repetitive. do we really need page after page after page after page of - yes, 4 pages - of technical descriptions which will either be known to the reader or not understood at all. A waste of space. Not one of his better efforts.
Anonymous posts on 5/24/2005 9:15:21 PM I read the book quite some time ago, and I was wondering if anyone has a list of the names of the characters for a quick refresher. By the way, good book, even if it was a little unrealistic.

Sherry Basten posts a bold assertion on 3/5/2005 2:07:18 PM I was hoping for some reasonable comments otherthan - a bold assertion, or 5 - poor comment. I'm not sure who is making these statements. Is it possible for someone to actually talk about the book?
Sherry Basten posts on 3/5/2005 11:37:34 AM One of my favourite scenes in Jackdaws was when Flick and Ruby spoted Diana and Maude eating in the hotel restaurant and the ensuing fight when Deiter recognises Flick. I think it was the gall of Diana thinking she could get away with it, that was astonishing!
Sherry Basten posts on 3/3/2005 3:12:04 PM Have just read the above.Enjoyed it for its turn paging drama but I was surprised that the character Brian carried a photo of Flick in his wallet, when previous characters had been carefully searched before they left on their mission. Also, would he have sent his messages in front of other people and have left his radio on the kitchen table for anyone to use or interfere with it, as they actually did! I think even a novice would have not been that stupid!

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