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cindy253 posts on 2/22/2005 1:53:17 AM I absolutely loved GB&U! I had really enjoyed DWW and anxiously waited for GB&U and was not disappointed at all. I loved the advancement of the storylines and getting to know more about the characters and their world. Kim is such a wonderful "world builder", IMO. I'd like to add "More Kisten, please!
dragondeathlord posts on 2/3/2005 12:52:03 AM I wonder if Rachel is vonrable to the vamp visis if her DNA was messed with witch or not or if the mystrey disease she had as a kid was some how related to the vamp viris as it attacked her blood making cells?
RCG posts on 2/2/2005 8:11:54 PM I picked up GB&U today. It's a paper back, and so far it's off to a good start.

Ann posts on 1/10/2005 10:10:15 PM Loved DWW and can't wait for the good, the bad, and the undead.
RCG posts on 1/7/2005 6:47:14 PM Yippe!!!! Is this paperback or hardcover?
Chris posts on 1/7/2005 5:20:45 PM The Good,The Bad,and The Undead is scheduled for a January 25, 2005 release through HarperTorch.
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