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Chris Platt posts on 3/26/2015 9:50:57 AM MAYDAY! MAYDAY! The date has been set for the republishing of Kin Platt’s classic YA novel, Sinbad and Me. If everything goes as planned, the book will be available on May 1, 2015. Official press releases should be going out shortly to more than 4,000 booksellers, retail outlets, reviewers and other interested parties, and I will them along for your information once they are ready. Sinbad will be published by Page Publishing Co. and will be distributed by Ingram Content. The hardcover edition will retail for $26.99, the paperback for $14.99, and the eBook version for $9.99.
Chris Platt posts on 3/14/2015 9:15:23 PM Hi Amos, glad you are looking into his other books. I highly recommend Mystery for Thoreau, published posthumously by FSG. It was his only historical novel, set in Concord, Mass., in the time when Henry David Thoreau was there, living on Walden Pond. It also is the only one of his books that was edited, by me and some FSG staffers, because he would never permit any alterations to his manuscripts while he was alive. The book is a YA title, for the same age group as Sinbad, and is a lot of fun, even if we did edit the heck out of it.
Amos R posts on 3/13/2015 9:56:07 AM Sounds great Chris! I just told my son about this and he's looking forward to reading this great book as soon as we get it. And it is very encouraging that such care has been put into making the reprint done right. BTW, looking into this has prompted me to check out some of your father's other books as well.

Steven Kimble posts on 3/12/2015 11:34:59 PM Hi Chris Glad I checked back on this board. Good to hear the news on the near pub date. Will keep popping back for the specifics. Well done!
Chris Platt posts on 3/12/2015 11:21:59 PM Hi Amos, Yes, we expect the new printing to be coming out in a matter of weeks. When it is ready, we will let everybody on this Board know, and you can also check the Kin Platt and Sinbad and Me Facebook pages from time to time, to find out how and where to buy the book.
Amos R posts on 3/12/2015 10:37:05 PM YES! I still remember Sinbad and Me as my favorite book from when I was one of those kids who basically read every single mystery that my public library had on the shelves. I was telling my wife (a Waldorf teacher) about the book a few years ago, and found to my amazement that not only was it out of print, but that the only available used copy cost $200+. (Here in Madison, WI, none of our areas libraries have it.) Tonight, we were discussing it as how it would be a great read -aloud book for her class of 3rd and 4th graders, as well as to give to our just-turned 12 yr old son. So I checked up on it again, read her some of the reviews on Amazon (all 29 being 5 star, BTW) which were all saying "bring back this book!" And did I mention that the only available used copy is now over $700?! Anyway........then did a little more digging and came upon this board which says that a new printing is coming out this Spring! Great news, we'll be buying a couple copies the minute it does. Many, many thanks!
Chris Platt posts on 2/24/2015 11:57:24 AM Hi Michael, thanks for your interest. We have been trying to get the book republished for at least 12 years, and this is the route we have had to pursue. This Spring, Sinbad and Me will be available at all major book retailers in hardcover, paperback and or eBook versions. The distributor is a print on demand outfit, so the book may indeed end up eventually at a halfprice bookseller, if they order copies. I wanted to get the book into the two bigbox retailers I had mentioned earlier because that assures many sales.
Michael Ramsey posts on 2/23/2015 5:22:59 PM I have been looking for this book for many years and would like to see it back in print. Have you considered a different sales outlet. Maybe a secondary retailer like half price books would be interested in a unique offering like this,
Chris Platt posts on 2/1/2015 4:16:07 PM Hey Steve, Great to hear from you. As I said, we are looking to get the book out this Spring. It's ready to go to print as soon as I give the word, but I am trying to nail down a couple of big retailers beforehand. If anyone knows or has an in with the bookbuyers at WalMart or Costco, please give me a holler.
steven kimble posts on 1/31/2015 11:13:01 PM I don't use a computer often, but I did want to check back after Chris very generously provided me with the pleasure of being able to revisit his father's work after so many years. Count me in as another admirer who would be very appreciative to be able to purchase copies of any new printings, either hardcover (preferred) or softcover. Accolades, again, go out to Chris for all his great work.
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