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Jeff Scott posts on 9/20/2012 10:12:15 PM All Right, Thanks! I'm shopping! :-) hopefully these titles are a little easier to find than Sinbad and Me. Outstanding book, but I'd get that "raised eyebrow" look from my wife if I paid $100 for it... :-)
Chris Platt posts on 9/20/2012 1:14:37 PM Hi Jeff,yes there IS a Sinbad trilogy, or, depending on how you look at it, a quartet. After Sinbad and Me in 1966, there was Mystery of the Witch Who Wouldn't in 1969, and then The Ghost of Hellsfire Street, in 1980. However, my father's first book was The Blue Man, and was kind of a prequel to the Sinbad books. It featured Steve Forrester as the main character, but there was no Sinbad the bulldog. Sinbad came to be based on MY bulldog, Romeo, which I didn't yet have when he wrote Blue Man. It is a wonderful book in its own right, and way different from the Sinbad books that followed. So, four stories about Steve, only three about the remarkable Sinbad.
Jeff Scott posts on 9/18/2012 3:19:59 AM Chris, I didn't realize that there was a Sinbad trilogy.. I had only read Sinbad and Me. What are the other two books? I loved the one I read, (read many times) and would buy it again if I could find it, but didn't know it was a series. just curious... have you written anything? :-)

Andy Valencia posts on 9/18/2012 12:12:49 AM Just came across this forum, it's really neat that "one of the family" has provided some information! It would be such a treat to buy all four books in the series, I hope you find a way to make it happen. Amazon's CreateSpace seems like an amazing resource, for instance. Regards... Andy Valencia
Chris Platt posts on 7/26/2012 1:13:13 PM Karl, a friend of mine is a Three Investigators fanatic, and has a website devoted to it that you may enjoy. It is the name of the series plus the word books and the usual ending. We hope someday to get the Sinbad Trilogy republished, preferably in print, but maybe eBooks will be the only way to make that happen.
Karl posts on 7/24/2012 3:16:23 PM Thanks Chris. I had read it once before that is why I was a bit reluctant to purchase the kindle version. There are actually some used book stores selling that one for less than a dollar in paperback form. Glad to hear you are hear talking about your Dad's work. I thought Sinbdad and Me was excellent. Too bad I don't have a copy of that one. I believe I do have two of your Dad's books under his Nick West pen name. For some reason there is not much discussion about your Dad's work in Three Investigator Series but I remember enjoying them and my kids did so years later. I thought he would have been perfect to replace Robert Arthur. The Coughing Dragon had some of that humorous touch that Arthur had in his ten books that separated that series from the Hardy Boys. I think the Three Investigators would still be going strong today had your Dad stayed with that series.
Chris Platt posts on 7/21/2012 12:09:38 PM Hi Karl, Sorry you missed the free copy of the Kin Platt book offered recently. According to the publisher of Prologue Books, they offer a free copy of a different author practically every week. But they have a lot of authors besides my father, and have not offered more than one free title per author per year since they started doing this. But, really, the price they charge for these eBooks is pretty cheap. Less than $4, at a time when most newsstand magazines and weekend newspapers can cost more than that. And realize that a current hardcopy of one of his books would easily run $25 or more. Most readers we have heard from consider Kin Platt books a great value, even if they had to pay a premium for them, even as wornout hard copies bought online. Bet you will, too.
Karl posts on 7/18/2012 6:14:49 PM Will his books be free on Kindle again? I am disappointed I missed the free download of The Screwball King Murder. I probably would have picked up one or two of the others as well.
Chris Platt posts on 6/25/2012 12:19:34 PM Hi Cynthia, so glad you are enjoying the Kin Platt eBooks. Your source is correct: I checked with our publisher, Prologue Books, and was told these promotions do last for just a week, and are done to expose more potential readers to the entire list of titles available for a given author -- in this case, my father. Someday, we hope to find an eBook publisher willing to take on the Steve Forrester books, The Blue Man and the three Sinbad books.
Cynthia posts on 6/24/2012 9:22:43 PM Someone on the MobileRead forums seemed to think the book, The Screwball King Murder, would probably be free for about a week. A hopefully temporary hitch was reported on the Amazon pricing, but it is expected to get fixed. I had no trouble getting the free book from Barnes & Noble today.
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