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sally martin posts on 10/22/2012 4:51:14 PM Please, Mr. Mitchell...more Turnipseed/Parker novels. )He must be very reclusive...not a peep on the internet/websites, etc.).
Charles Fuller posts on 8/18/2011 3:59:22 PM I was first introduced to the works of Kirk Mitchell when a friend at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society turned me on to Procurator back in the '80s. I deeply lament that there have been no new works by this author for several years. I consider Sky Woman Falling to be one of the finest detective novels I've ever read.
jilm2 posts on 6/2/2011 12:49:31 PM Mr. Mitchell, I hope you are working on another Parker/Turnupseed book. You write very good stories that aren't so...stereotyped or clumsy, so goofy. There are very few series writers that I can read. You're one.

Jeanne posts on 4/27/2011 12:37:20 AM Really, Where is Kirk Mitchell? WHAT is he doing? He NEEDs to write a lot more Turnipseed and Parker adventures. I've exhausted Ellah Clah series by the Thurlos. I want more of Kirk. Please come out of hibernation and write more adventures.
Charlie Stein posts on 9/22/2010 4:00:51 PM I've also been hoping this author will publish more books. I have enjoyed not only the Parker/Turnipseed series but also his other novels. The author appears to be rather secretive: I have not located a website or interviews given by him.
Bob Boise posts on 4/26/2010 12:30:52 AM Mr. Mitchell has done a great job of Native American mysteries. Let's have another one please. Suggestions: Another Warm Springs Res story. (abandoned bodies) How about adopted Nez Perce girl living with white parents-- researches her past, gets into criminal element who doesn't want her to find out the truth about her birth parents. Umatilla Indian Res tie into nerve gas @ Hermiston. Wash Indian Res on coast, could tie in with espionage and drug smuggling, Coast Guard.
sarah posts on 4/20/2010 3:39:24 PM Amen to all of the other posts...please give us more Parker/Turnipseed books!
Briar posts on 1/20/2010 7:28:50 PM I just discovered the Parker and Turnipseed series and I would love to have more of it. Will that ever happen?
Al Croft posts on 8/11/2009 7:19:21 PM We the fanatical admirers of Kirk Mitchel's Emmett Parker mysteries demand more. Unless he's in ill health or worse, how can he disapoint all his fans?
Cyd posts on 7/30/2009 2:02:08 PM Been devouring the Parker/Turnipseed books. More please! :)
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