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N.Olson posts on 12/7/2006 1:21:18 PM Although there clearly had been white people in the area (Russian traders) this book is about a Yup'ik (South Central Alaskan Eskimo) girl's culture before and during their first contact with kuss'aqs (white people- outsiders). You get an idea of what life was like before and the curious differences between her culture and the missionaries who move into her village. Then there is the unfortanate (an understatement) spread of disease which often followed Native Cultures' first contact with whites. While not Yup'ik, the author was a teacher in the Alaskan bush (remote village site) for 30 years. It is well researched and sensitively written. A recommended read. (the previously posted message on this book should be deleted)
jd posts on 4/10/2005 7:03:19 PM it was a gay book with gaypeople having sex!

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