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Janus posts on 3/30/2005 11:08:50 AM Joseph DeMarco: you really name it, the first author i would compare to vonnegut is douglas adams! they have the same kind of humor although i think that adams is even better because he gets somehow more funny meaninglessness into his stories but maybe i'm preoccupied as i read adams in my mother tongue and vonnegut only in english ;) greetz
Andrew posts on 3/18/2005 12:43:35 PM Adam Van Winkle said he recieved a response of a letter- Like a previous poster, i am also looking for a mailing address.
Adam Van Winkle posts a bold assertion on 3/8/2005 11:25:03 PM I wrote Vonnegut for his take on who influenced him philosophically. He replied Nietzsche; and obviously, Twain is his hero.

Joseph DeMarco posts a meandering thought on 3/8/2005 12:38:29 PM It's hard to say he never really mentions any writers except Kilgore Trout. I would say Orson Wells, H.G. Wells, Huxley, Bradbury all the modern fathers of Sci-Fi. Still (to me) none of them compare to Vonnegut's simplistic brillance. One writer who I think is as witty and funny who was influenced by Vonnegut is Douglas Adams.
vxsa68 posts on 3/8/2005 10:19:08 AM Who was Vonnegut influenced by as an author and which if any others has he influenced?
Joseph DeMarco posts a gentle reminder on 1/14/2005 5:00:39 PM Because Vonnegut's stories are fictional. The Sirens of Titan is supposed to show you (the reader) how insignificant the earth and the human race are in the grand scheme of the universe and time. "All we are is dust in the wind."
Steve posts on 1/13/2005 7:17:38 PM So why hasn't there been more press on the fact that we are now fulfilling one of Vennegut's prophesies with the Huygen probe going to land on Tian and finally give the Tralfamadoreans the part they so badly need to repair their spacecraft?
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