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TALLON posts on 9/17/2007 12:12:57 PM I really do not understand why people have to criticize other peoples opinions, I happen to enjoy LK but i can understand why people might not enjoy the later books, I enjoyed the early books but I enjoy the later books more I myself would not like to be in Anita's shoes myself but we are dealing with things we do not understand just as Anita keeps finding things out about her powers and just to keep the record straight Anita is not a slut she dose not like whats going on her self and did nearly kill her self in DM trying not to have to sex she wants to be in love with the person not just to have feed, i do hope that when the ardur is under control she can find the right balance with it.
mandy posts on 9/13/2007 7:27:13 PM Would everyone please stop telling me to STOP reading LKH! Jesus you would think that people couldn't take a little criticism. It's not even your book, so it really shouldn't matter what I think anyway. Ya'll make it sound like it's easy too, obviously never been struck by that thing known as curiousity. I am beginning to understand through my never ending curiousity about what direction LKH is going to take her books how exactly it is curiousity manages to kill the cat. Dear god, I've really no words. Well I do have something. Yea! Richard is free! I'm giddy if you can't tell, I was really waiting for someone to give Anita up. I mean come on, this whole double standard she has about I can have a gaggle of lovers but you can just have me is preposterous. Then again I still have a case of the giggles whenever Anita has a cow about someone implying she's a skanky whoe. Cause lets face it she totally is. Anyway if anyone else is looking to rehash the old Anita in a new context the Anita Blake graphic novel is pretty cool. Me and my sister are trying to figure out if we've seen the art work before. It looks alot like the art in Ultimate Spider-man but isn't the same artist. And yes I do read comic books, expand your horizons, there's a reason so many movies have come out based off of them.
AsherFan posts on 9/3/2007 6:08:08 PM Haven't posted here in awhile and since then I have read the Harlequin. And though the old Anita has not been seen since Obsidian Butterfly I still love the books and I really think that things are starting to turn around with the last book. There was still lots of sex but there was more of a story to go with it this time. I am hopefull that this is a sign of things to come that the old Anita is on her way back to us. Also I was reading some of the posts here and all those people who are saying that they hate the books ,well stop reading them. Those of us who still love the series don't need to read a 5 page exsistental essay on all that is wrong with the it.

mmmgirl posts on 7/22/2007 9:29:12 PM I have to agree that the Anita books have gone downhill. I just started with the series a couple of months ago with Bloody Bones and Killing Dance. I decided to go back and start from the beginning. I admit that although these books didn't stretch my brain they were a good read, fun. Once I hit Narcissus in Chains though it was all downhill. I have read all the books but am not impressed. The sex is boring, I found myself skimming those scenes, in some cases they were chapters long. There are too many characters, most of them male who all love/lust after Anita. After reading her latest The Harlequin you can easily see that more males are about to be added to Anita's harem. BDSM is also about to enter the scene. How boring. What bothers me most is Hamilton's website and discovering that you are censored. I couldn't believe that an author allows her website censored. You are not allowed to criticize her works in any way, only positive comments are allowed about the author. I find that outrageous!!
yourspecialcrush posts on 7/18/2007 1:34:26 AM I have read the newest novel. And in all honesty I came home at lunch hoping UPS would show up early so I can get some reading done during my lunch. But alas it wasn't to be. I digress however. When I finally got it in my hands I was excited because it couldn't have been as vacant of a plot as the preceding novel. Thank all the muses of literature that there was some sort of story line to follow in this book. I would be mendacious though if I said that I didn’t take pleasure in the sway and new power Asher received within DM. I, while enjoying the re-insertation of my favorite new character, Cookie, I did find a lacking in personality on Anita’s behalf. At some point in my meaningless existence I would have loved the contemplation of being Anita Blake, and in actuality the whole purpose of a novel is to immerse yourself into a different life and in this case a different world. I haven’t been able to affiliate myself with the leading lady in the latest installments of the series however. When you go from being the hero to the hollowed out version of a human being it is quiet pitiful. I know for a fact that one’s moral fiber once broken can change the reaction and developmental facilities of a person. Basically, simply put, changing the personality of a person. Yet, when thinking of Anita Blake one depicts her as the hard, gun totting, sarcastic, right hand of Uncle Sam trying to bring the currently uneducated populous into the world of the preternatural. I would love to be able to look forward to a future ABVH novel where she is the vampire hunter she professes to be. Like afore mentioned be another reader is that basically there was more than one scenario that could have made the last two novels monumental versus the current interesting standing. I am interested in where LKH will take Anita. However, I am not jumping up and down in anticipation for the coming installment though. But to shed an optimistic light to the whole situation, which if anyone here really knew me in and of itself is awe inspiring, has led many including myself seeking other authors who give us what we want. Am I the only one to think so? Anyways I finish by saying…like the folly dolt I am and wishing good reading to all and stating…I adore the characters though some have become quiet pissy, whiney, and all in all metro sexual in the most unattractive manner…on a separate topic Jean Claude is ENTER A LUDE PHRASE HERE.
luv boooks posts on 7/17/2007 6:38:33 PM what are these books about? i've never heard of this author!
mandy posts on 7/17/2007 5:29:22 PM Ok I just read the Harliquin and oh my god. I won't lie, there were chapters that I liked. But there weren't that many, first of all the book started out with Anita blatantly supporting slavery. I'm sorry but that is disgusting, if immortal creatures can't exist without a master then maybe they shouldn't exist. What reason is there to live like that, I don't think a life where ones only purpose was to serve a master is a life worth living, and certainly not forever. That really had me so mad I have no words to describ it. And that of coarse is followed by about fifty pages of Nathanal whining with Anita. Anyway I still love Edward, and nearly laughed myself to death when Anita got indignant every time she was called a whore, because lets face it, she has no right to respond like that. But what really had me near tears and yes I will admit it is when she had sex with Belle Morte. The death of Anita Blake is what she should have called the book. The end was probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. We run on love, blah blah, yea right. The only good thing that may have come of this thing is that maybe I got one of my wishes, maybe Richard will finally be free. God I hope so, I was sick of the poor guy being stuck in Anita's slave parade. Which hey we all know Anita loves making people slaves. I am so mad at Laurell K, so mad!
nick posts on 7/16/2007 4:05:57 PM for the new Anita Blake books the stories are getting a bit boring and same-ish. it is a dissapointment becausse the older books were very good. I do hope that if L Hmailton is going to write more Anita Blake novels, she will make them better. It's a shame that the series is going downhill.
mandy posts on 7/7/2007 5:31:52 PM Okay everybody take a deep breath. Let's all just agree to disagree, this is a discussion board. Maybe if one of the ever present fans could say why they think LKH's new additions to the Anita series are so great I might listen. But give us something substantial not just, yea Laurell we love you YEA! Give me a break, I finally read strange candy which I got in from the library and it was a great book. The short story about Anita had me once again thinking, I miss Anita so much. It's like her conscience went on vacation and left her and libido behind to have a party. And no, no one is holding a gun to my temple screaming read it or die, but forgive my last vestige of hope that LKH might decide that she would actually like to right a book. You know what those are don't you, you know in general they have characters and a plot and great things like that. The good news is that I have also read the comic book and I love it. I am a graphic novel dork and though it lacks the detail that the actual book has it was still awesome. First reason,yea, Edward is back in the mix. I really miss death, he was the best. But yes if you can get your hands on the graphic novel it is very cool. God help us all if they go into her new ones in that form, dirty cartoons, yuck. Anyway that's it, I'll post later haters.
Aquaria posts on 6/30/2007 12:50:02 PM This is a discussion board, not a groupie board. Want to kiss up to an author, go to her/his website. Anywhere else, people will have different opinions about a book, and have the right to express them, as long as it's done civilly, and, even better, intelligently.
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