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Alisha posts on 9/19/2008 5:43:51 PM I was happy to have a little less mess in this book. The last couple of books seemed to have Anita worn thin. Although I was happy to see that Anita has embraced her role well with Nathaniel. However I had much of the plot figured out early on in the book, it was a great book that I have reread twice since buying the book.
mandy posts on 6/26/2008 7:02:08 PM Well I finished Blood Noir like two or three weeks ago. The drama never ceased, keep in mind now I said 'drama' not action. It was pretty much actionless all up until the last chapter where Jason is gettin turned into hamburger meat. Strangley I was so worn down by all the previous non-sense that when it came time for me to be upset that he was dying instead I was like "YEA! Finally some action. That is not good. I was more upset about the stripper in Guilty Pleasures and you didn't even really get to know him all that well. I think that back then LKH's charcater development was much better than it is now. But then her books are all about love now so maybe that's it. Anita is so busy loving everyone that I'm just to p.o.'d to notice much in my haze of bordom. Oh and what happened to Richard is not cool. I mean i knew eventually that the sicko dementia was going to spread to last normal character but I had hope for him. I was really disappointed but I did laugh a lot when he was trying to make her love just him. Tables turned, Anita has been messing with other peoples minds so much without a care that all I thought when it happened was 'she had it coming.' That's pretty much it, Blood Noir was a flop, I think they aught to switch LKH to the romance area since its hardly a mystery/thriller anymore.
mandy posts on 6/10/2008 5:03:08 PM Wow that's an old post up there at the top. Strange Candy is like old news. However I have gotten my hands on the new Anita Blake novel Blood Noir and so far after reading only 50 pages I would change the title to 90210 or The O.C. I'm not seeing any plot in it other then a giant drama queen tale of Jason going home to see his dying father. This is just me personally but why make peace with someone who hates you. I'm probably just a hater, if anyone who posts has actually finished the book, please by all means ruin the end for me. Tell me something interesting happens. After fifty pages of drama so far I'm really doubting it. I'm mostly disappointed with the new book because it leaves the previous goings on in the dark. I mean Antia said that she's still occasionally having relations with Richard but in the last book that seemed like it. Richard was finally free. Which is a good thing because whether or not LKH sees it these million way relationships won't last. How do I know this because they don't last in real life. You can't have it both ways, and boy is that saying true. Juggling peoples emotions can't last forever because in Anita's situation the feelings don't go away. So I'm waiting for LKH to either really get on with the story or have this whole thing finally blow up in Anita's face. Because so far the only person displaying any real human rational was Richard. Oh well, not real life anyway so I'll leave that alone. I read this book called the Gray Fang or something like that, really short and really bad. It was like this big offal mix of LKH, Blade, Interview with the Vampire, and there was another but I can't think of it. The point is it was bad, worse then LKH's by a very long shot, well sort of. I'm rambling so I'm going to go away now. Post people, how's Blood Noir end?

alice posts on 4/25/2008 2:06:44 PM i have been a laurell fan for some time and have been totally captivated by the anita blake stories, however i feel that after obsidian butterfly the whole feel of the books changed dramaticaly, please can we have more edward, what happened to olaf????? why have they turned richard identity into one which is not very nice there was no need for that he just comes across as a pratt he should be treated with respec!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mandy posts on 4/23/2008 6:24:54 PM Okay then, i don't really have anything to post about an LKH book because she of yet doesn't have anything out. But until she does I know that, I think it's J.R. Ward, I could be wrong about the initials they sort of escape me at the moment, but her series is pretty cool. And another good time passer was a book called Half way to the Grave, or Half Way in the Grave, one of those two written by something Frost. I don't remember her first name but her book is pretty pre-LKH. I'm having some difficulty remembering all the authors that O'm reading lately cause I'm breezing from one to the other too quickly but last names are usually enough so a book can be find.
Chath Tiu posts on 3/20/2008 3:29:48 PM What Ms. Blake is mistaking is that there is only one graduation of love,a dn there isn't. She is assuming that becuase she has strong feelings for a friend, then she *has* to sleep with him. Take Jason, for example. I mean, they have a two+ page conversation about how they want to be FIB's. Cannot be getting much more morally loose then that, yes? I thought the CBS was subpar, personally. I much prefer LKH's early books to them.
mandy posts on 3/19/2008 5:50:37 PM Trust me it isn't getting old that has me thinking the way i do. I have no problem with people sleeping around if that's what they want to do. I just think that they should no they're slutty. I myself have no intention of settling down any time in the near future but for delude yourself by telling yourself that your in love with all these people means you're either incredibly stupid or suffering from a mental illness yet unnamed. But at least LKH is making an effort to put her books back on track. I appreciate that fact even if I do think that the whole, "our power is based off love" is bull honkey. It just bothers me because when I first started reading the Anita series she was a character that would have liked and gotten along with if I'd met her on the street. Well now i can definitely say that I'd just as soon shoot her as look at her and the gigantic man herum trailing her like love sick puppies. Oh well, the graphic novel is still awesome, it's still on the before Anita gave up on her dignity part of her life. There are two complete hard covers out for it at Barnes and Nobles so it isn't like you have to walk into a comic book store to get it. Trust me that can be unpleasant. Some comic book stores literally have nothing but men that gawk at women like they've never seen a female before. OK off topic but if you like the Anita series the comic book is worth possible gawking, avoided at B and N of course.
Chath Tiu posts on 3/10/2008 6:02:54 PM The thing I am not understanding about LKH is why she doesn't take her writing in a new and different direction? Mandy, you've obviously read her, yes? Then it is safe to say that she is a brillant (and I do not use that word lightly here) writer. Miss Hamilton has *such* potential...if only she would sit down and focus it. The problem is, and if you are not minding my crude language, but she is clearly not being, well, you know'd. Thus, her over spill of libio gets funneled into her an adictive and witty way, mind you. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying I am not liking LKH, nor am I not reading her. Trust me, you would be surprised at the number of people who critize authors without bothering to read his or her work first. It is seeming to me that LKH is getting caught up in the sexual aspects of her "work" and less on the actual plot lines. As for you and your pish poshing Hamilton's love base, miss Mandy, I am in complete accord with you. Once was hard enough to gag past. Perhaps we are just being old, ah "prudes" I think is the word LKH would use here? but I am of a mind that there is The One and only The One for each individual on this gay little world we call home. Or rather, that there is One to hold and love such as Blake is wont to do. That is not to say, however, that there are not different graduations of love and that you cannot yern to be with another in what Blake is constantly mistaking to be love.
mandy posts on 1/30/2008 10:58:36 PM No I totally get you, LKH has sort of lost her way around the line of a plot. I mean after a certain point I understand that plots run dry, as far as I can see it happens with like every author I've ever read. But most of those authors sort of expand, move onto something new, I think if LKH did that for even a little bit she might manage to get a fresh perspective for her old characters when she comes back to them. Then again maybe not, Antia is sort of lost in a cess pool of repitition. I know I've already mentioned this probably a hundred times but that last book about her power base being about love was such, well, I can't use the word that I want to but I would if I could. I mean come a laugh riot.
mandy posts on 12/18/2007 7:55:34 PM I have to admit, I just got the and finished A Lick of Frost from the library and it was different. I mean what happened to Frost was really different. It was a way of not keeping him and simultaneously doing the opposite. I myself was never a huge Frost fan but I know a couple people who were and I have no doubt he'll be back. And maybe who knows, he'll be able to love one lone person by then. Yea! I know my one sided monogomous brain is probably irritating but I don't see how anybody could be happy as someones second favorite. Anyways I was still disappointed when we discover that Mary is pregnant with more then one mans baby. That was so the easy way out for keeping her favorites in the book. Its irritating, but that's me. It was better then most of LKH's books of late so yea!
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