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hecate99 posts on 4/18/2007 12:24:57 PM Ok so I have never posted here before, but I just spent my lunch hour reading these posts. I am happy to know I am not the only fan who feels that Anita is gone and in her place is this empty succubus...I still find myself looking forward to the new books in the hope that something amazing will happen...without Anita sleeping with every male character to cross her path.
mandy posts on 4/10/2007 4:53:31 PM Face the facts. The anita we once knew doesn't even exist anymore. I mean come on, she didn't even care that she raped the new guy, another one of LKH's hey don't want you to get bored of her having sex so I'll toss in a new one characters. I mean come on. I can't be the only one who notices that all these guys who have potential show up only to have sex with anita. They have no other purpose in the book. Oh well. I'm whiney and I know it. I'd try to suppress it but I'd probably get an ulcer and who wants that.
gigywithit posts on 4/8/2007 2:54:52 AM It's been awhile since I posted, But I have to say that I agree with Criticalthinker, what is going on? where is the Anita I fell in love with??? I just re-read all of my Anita books, and I find lunitic cafe, and the killing dance to be by far the best, When is Edward coming back? when is Anita gonna get a grip with all of the sex? I love sex just as much as anyone but come on!! I want a juicy story line not a porn script. Where is Asher?? Also here relationship with Dolph needs to be fixed, I miss him!! I also took my copy of DM back to the book store, I just could not see rape as a character builder either. I just hope the new Anita book brings kick a$$ anita back!!

Della posts on 3/31/2007 5:35:49 PM I must say that I was rather dissapointed in the ehm...200 pg Gentry book. I mean really it was like going back it time to my R.L. Stine loving days. I cannot give up LKH though because he concepts are original...not so much the sex but the whole Fae thing. Is anyone as confused as I am?
mandy posts on 2/11/2007 7:44:05 PM I just got and finished the new Gentry book. It was good, mostly because she finally grew a brain and saw what most of us did from second one when Doyle first appeared. He is so the one. It still urks me that she could love someone and still have a gazillion men but I forgive her because apparently all Fae are skanky. Anyway in the Anita series Belle can't just make an appearance, no way. If that cow's gonna show up Anita better kill her. Oh wait, I'm sorry Anita doesn't do that anymore, she'll probably be too busy humping a mer-man to actually get any work done. And there's no way this message is going through, just no way. If it does won't we all be sorely impressed?
Alisha posts on 1/24/2007 7:32:01 PM I cannot wait fo the Harliquen,LKH kills someone oh yes welcome back sweet heartache and violence. I hope it's Nathaniel but that would be wistful thinking. Anita needs to feel some burn other than between her legs. I undestand the Ardeur but can you not say slut robot... I do believe that Anita being a Necromancer will be able to control Mommy Dearest she is just more walking undead. LKH also said Belle makes an apperance in the Harliqen...JUICY
mandy posts on 1/16/2007 2:18:15 PM Wow, I don't even care just so that everyone is informed because I always believe that word for good books should be spread yall should read the J.R. Ward series. It's good, I finsihed all three of her books in three days and soon her forth will be out. Yeah! Anyway since I haven't yet read the new mary book I've nothing particular to say about LKH. Just dropped by to see what people had to say. which was all of nothing. Later
Lindabear posts on 12/31/2006 1:10:27 PM I must say that Laurell K Hamilton's Books are great. What gets me is why would someone post negative posts about her books on this or any of her websites? --- ISn't that wrong? --- Anyway Keep up the great work and keep us reading more of your great books! I love the Merry Gentry novels and the Anita Blake novels. The next book out for Anita Blakes Series is the Harlequin due out in June of 2007! Wow another great book to read! Anyone read the graphic novel yet? How was it? Happy Reading everyone and Happy NEw YEar!
mandy posts on 12/30/2006 10:11:33 PM Well ladies and Gents I asked for a cheap copy and voila, Karen Marie Moning provides me with one. If yall haven't read her new book dark fever you aught to, it's decent and you get that feeling that she's been reading LKH books and just couldn't help copying. As for the new Mary book I'm in no hurry to read it. But then I'm discovering that of late I'm not in a hurry to read most of my favorite authors. They books are getting stagnant. I guess the well of creativity dries up on everyone eventually. Although at least Monings not so creative copy of the one opinioned heroine is fairing better then LKH's. If I were Laurell I'd be watching my back, everybody's got an Anita copy and without Anita actually being anbything but a current pb bunny she might loss her spot to a copy of herself. Oh well, I'm good, Ill just have to take up meditating in the place of reading. I hear it's just as beneficial and can help prevent diabetes, on like reading which so far has only proved to keep my insomnia occupied in the wee hours.
CriticalThinker posts on 12/30/2006 7:11:43 PM Mandy, I have the newest book as an e-book if you'd like to read it. I was disappointed. if you haven't read the book be aware there may be some spoilers. The first two chapters were dreams... boring. Then Merry did nothing but run around the sithen naked. The end was okay, a battle of some sorts but being that the battle was brought on by Merry restoring Sholto to power via her nether regions, I was too done, stick a fork in me and call me an Oscar Myer weiner. They never got to the shining court, they never got to the goblin court. I mean I remembered reading it somewhere but then remembered it was some fanfiction. I'll be visiting the library the next time.
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