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lynne posts on 12/27/2007 7:59:47 AM hi i was wondering if any of u know wat the nme of that fan site is, the one that dos its own stories of heartland and gives info on lauren brooke and the new tv series(that is alful by da way, nothing like the book) and has games. i havent been on it so long that i forgot the name
horsezrox posts on 12/26/2007 2:47:55 PM Sorry. What was ur question?
lynne posts on 12/26/2007 10:39:46 AM soz no1 has answered any of the messages that i have post im starting to think that u need a pony to be able to get ur queistions answered. i mean i love reading and heartland is my favourite book it feels great to talk to other people who love it. but noone seams to notce my messages and its getting anowing so plz answer. though u dont have to.

Hali posts on 12/25/2007 11:46:25 PM Lemme know how it goes with her..
horsezrox posts on 12/25/2007 8:20:04 PM Thanks!! I'll Try that too:)
Hali posts on 12/24/2007 2:15:17 PM Ok so if you have a roundpen that'll work or you can just lunge her. Lunge her on a lungeline and take another lunge line,make a loop out of it and tie it around her flank.Get her to a trot or canter and then start to pull the line around her flank a little tighter. She'll probably buck. Once she stops let the rope go slack but keep it rather tight untill she stops bucking.Sounds a little harsh but it worked on my mum's horse and now she's alot better..You should probably do this with a sadle on her..I wish you the best!
Horseboy posts on 12/24/2007 2:12:08 PM horsezrox- it is okay!!! I would be nervous too, if I were you. Amy from Heartland is always careful around a horse that she has just cured. I think you are doing the right thing. A horse can seem fine bareback, but with a saddle it may be different.
lynne posts on 12/23/2007 8:50:29 AM hi i have seen some of the series on utube and they r completly differnt from the book. as a BIG heartland fan im not that happy and ty isnt even that cute nor scott. by da way do any of u know the name of the fan site that has its own stories of heartland i cant find it.
Hali posts on 12/21/2007 11:02:35 PM Yes I will get along..:D That's good to hear! As for the saddle I don't know what to tell ya..I was always nervous riding horses at first but then one day I seemed to have lost all fear of them..Well you can try this is you'd like.It worked with my mums horse.
horsezrox posts on 12/21/2007 8:48:38 PM Well Actually.... Shes great bareback. Butt I've been to nervous to try and put a saddle on her. I know it sound stupid. But I dont know what to do so that I wont be scared anymore...
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