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Danielle posts on 3/11/2005 11:48:10 AM OMG! i read this book in two days, it's so amazingly good i stayed up till 11 last night to finish it! I hope she makes a sequel cause this book gets my absolute best book i've ever read award! lol - if you haven't red it READ IT!
ariel posts on 3/9/2005 6:24:42 PM i just started ttyl and i am a little disturbed with the things that it wentioned. but i guess you cant argure. you just have to learn it sometime. hope to read others. dont spoil the ending!!!!!!!!!!
Lill posts on 3/7/2005 6:38:25 PM I can't wait until that next tyl comes out it will be soo good. I wonder when it is coming out!? Read Ttyl, You'll love it!!! Ttyl Lhm

Jessica posts on 3/6/2005 12:30:05 PM I can not wait till Rhyming with witches comes out! It will be alot of fun, I just finished Ttyl, and I finished it in like 2 hours. It was an awsome book!
Taryn posts on 3/5/2005 3:19:44 PM I just read that Lauren has a new book coming out but not until April. I can't wait! It's called RHYMES WITH WITCHES and is about these girls who steal popularity from other girls--it sounds groovy. I just ordered one but ti won't come until April.
meghan posts a bold assertion on 3/4/2005 10:48:01 AM OMG! you are so right it was one of my favorite books it was so good that i couldn't keep my nose out of it my parents practically had to pry me away from it to do my homework, chores, and eat dinner but it was totally worth it i didn't know that Lauren Myracle wrote other books but i will have to check into them let me tell you if they sound even half as good as TTYL then i am sure i will love them you were right about the author thing i mean i feel that way with Meg Cabot i love the princess diaries books but i am interested in reading the other books that she has written like All American Girl was totally awesome but Lauren Myracle is deffinately one of my favorite authors
Tori Rossignol posts on 3/3/2005 8:24:24 AM TTYL was the best book that I have ever read!!!!! It kept me interested the whole way and I ended up finishing it in a day and a half!!=) I'll have to read Kissing Kate or Rhymes with Witches!!! I don't think it was just the book it was the author that is writing the book!!
Talya posts on 2/28/2005 10:01:00 PM OMG...TTYL WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!!! I love it!! The best part was that it was in computer language. It was soo much fun to read!! Well g2g toodles
Kara posts on 2/26/2005 5:49:17 PM That book was awesome!!!! I read it about ten times in three days and loved it even more. I can't wait for the sequel!
Katie Minucci posts on 2/21/2005 5:31:01 PM I FRICKIN LOOOOOVE THIS BOOK!!! I REA IT IN ONE DAY. god, this book totally rocks!! so there's a sequel coming out? ttfn? (ta ta for now) i totally want it if it's in instant messages! :-)
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