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Mason S. posts on 1/1/2012 Mason S. has just written a review of The Affair which you can see here
jack Maryland US posts on 1/16/2010 10:55:30 AM Killing Floor - Lee Child's story line, Jack stumbling upon his long absent brother's body that way, in a strange town, combined with other big improbables required more than the usual suspension of belief. I was waiting to see explanation but it never came. However, it and the other in the series have been a fun Travis McGee-like simple read and will be interesting to see where Lee takes Jack.
Terence Moodie posts on 6/8/2005 11:24:31 PM I have read all of Lee Child's books up to and including The Enemy. A greatly enjoyable series and I have re-read all of them, except The Persuader, which was a considerable disappointment and simply not up to Child's usual standard. The story line rambled hither and yon and the plot seemed like it was not sufficiently thought through before being out to print. I must say that all was redeemed with The Enemy. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the concept of regressing into Reacher's past life in the military is an excellent one and must provide Lee Child with a whole range of new story options to extend the Reacher saga. In fact, I could imagine every second Reacher novel being written about his military life.

Jim posts on 1/5/2005 8:32:53 PM The summary is wrong. 4 people die in the book. Angel, Paulie, Quinn, and the ATF agent.
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