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posts on 7/29/2006 8:45:09 PM I have read all of your wortham series. Julias hope, emmas gift and katies dream and roreys secret. I have loved them all. I recently read rachels prayer and enjoyed it as well. I have truely felt like a part of that family just by reading your books. I have also read tahn and the return of tahn. These are written of course differently but also very well. Your books have all touched my heart in a special way. I do believe God is with you when you write and because of that we are all blessed by your stories. Thank you and I can't wait to read more of your books. I passed these around at work and at church and we all love you. Thanks Dee
Georgia Aker posts on 1/21/2006 5:56:01 PM Dear Leisha, At 90, I find I enjoy reading more than I did when I was younger. Maybe I was too busy then raising my family and trying to make ends meet. I have just finished reading the second in a series of your books, Emma's Gift, following Julia's Hope. I'm eager to get into the third, then the fourth. The stories are great. I appreciate the way you help your readers learn about real love and forgiveness. Anyone reading these books will be exposed to God's great gift of salvation. One little thing concerned me a bit, though it does not take anything away from the emphasis of the story, just a relating of an event that isn't exactly the way I remember its happening. The boy went out to look for fresh eggs early in the morning. In my experience with chickens, we always gathered the eggs late in the afternoon. Hens lay their eggs during the days, not at night. In that extremely cold weather you described so well, the eggs would freeze and burst if left in the nest during the night. (Emma's Gift, page 134--last paragraph). Your stories look like good movie material. Had you thought of that? Keep up the good work. Georgia Aker
Julee posts on 8/8/2005 2:20:56 PM Is there going to be another sequal in the series after Rorey's Secret? Sure hope so.

Joanne posts on 8/7/2005 8:23:38 PM I read both Julia's Hope and Emma's Gift. I loved them both. How great it was to read something that was a witness to God's love. Julia is so full of hope and humility. I only hope I can have the wisdom that she shared in the story. Do you want to just give Emma a hug after reading about her. Thanks for a great story.

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