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Utkarsh Contractor posts on 8/11/2005 12:08:50 AM There are a few book that ignite the mind... but there are even a fewer that ignite the soul..! Exodus is one such book, that when started although it seems a little slow , although the mood commences a little monotonous ... But as things proceed one really grasps, whats behind the plethora of words that Uris has put in , we realize what he wants us to know from them , we realize how his soul has bled in describing what has happened , we share his sense of sorrow , of joy , of rage , of content , of undying spirit to go on , and of undaunted hope to reach the promised land...! Exodus is one such book that , may seem to get a little trying at the start , but as we reach the end we feel that we have gained something , that we know now, that we understand and that Life is a little more meaningful than before..! p.s : There are some posts that criticize Uris for his writing , although i completely am in respect of everyone's sentiments ... but i would deeply request them thru my prespective...!
Abi posts on 6/7/2005 6:36:32 PM I think that Uris is a very straight-forward and interesting writer. The story goes all over the place, but that tends to happen when it's the truth. I found the book enjoyable, if a little long (could have been 300 pages shorter, really).
Patrick Turner posts on 3/15/2005 11:43:36 PM Have just waded through maybe one third of QB VII. My first attempt to read anything by Mr Uris, its also my last. I am at present in Japan where English books are not plentiful, despite the scarcity of books I won't be wasting my time on this bilge. I found it to be a saga of banal cardboard characters who's predictability was only surpassed by authors desire to push the Zionist agenda. So if you want to avoid having your intelligence insulted don't bother with this book. If we assume that this "saga" is a fair indication of his other work then I'd advise avoidance of those as well.
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