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LM posts on 6/18/2008 12:16:40 AM I will have to read this book. I can't believe anyone thought that Leonard Garment could have been Deep Throat. As evidenced on c-SPAN 3 History, a hearing on 7/25/94 regarding Watergate has Garment making endless excuses for Nixon. He says that it didn't matter if Nixon did bad stuff, because other Presidents had done it too. (Too bad he never had even the smallest amount of ethics training.) He even saic that if the President did something that was "against the law" - it wasn't for the President. I yelled at the television - how are we supposed to avoid a dictator taking over this country if that is true? Garment is mindlessly co-dependent to Nixon, and since Nixon is long dead, it's a sad picture. Don't let the guy on TV!

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